Mike Gundy Included Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame 2021 Class

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The Mullet is headed to the Hall of Fame.

This is great for Gundy and the mullet. This is the funniest article yet. I fell sorry so of u guys.:rofl::joy::upside_down_face::innocent::crazy_face::flushed::astonished::pleading_face::partying_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

You have to be kidding. Well I hope they use the picture of him in his OANN tee shirt.

Update: I guess Gundy sent the picture of him wearing the OSU Wrestling uniform and a tape of him doing fart noises. Everyone should be so proud.


Marshall sure knows the articles to write about lmao

This is great day for Gundy osu and us.
Wear a oann tshirt mullet saying I’m a man during the ceremony. I glad u happy​:upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::woozy_face::dizzy_face::pleading_face::scream::cry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

Updated u like him best with no shirt but a osu singlet would make u happy.

What’s a wrestling uniform

Unfortunately he’ll also go down as the OSU coach with the worst bedlam record as well.

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This great news rite joe

I guess it’s great news if your an OU fan. Because every time they look at his picture and the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame they’ll get a good laugh to make their day.

Poor guy u got to kicking urself

Didn’t know they had a choke-a-fame

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Girls softball preseason # 10

Poor jeff I just want to cry for u. Lmao

Dont cry for me rob, cry for your cowboys

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Why would I cry were being lead by a hall of fame coach in the best stint in osu history

I’m surprised none of u have been try to push Gundy to Tennessee. They fired their coach.

We could only hope Tennessee hands Gundy a fat McDonald’s bag full of cash to leave.

Lmao poor guy this week just keeps getting worse. Doubt he going with probation going around. But he is here till he is 65.

A hall of fame coach for this state. You act like he’s the next Nick Saban lol. Like he’s a national icon for college football. When he’s not even close to it.

It’s a great day isn’t next step college hof. Ur rite he is a national icon. Winningest coach for osu
Top ten wins for past ten yrs. Top ten for winning % against top 25 schools. And the list goes on.