Mike Gundy Might be the Next Tony Romo, Calls Plays Before They Happen

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The head ball coach might have a future in broadcasting!

Agree completely. I flipped over here a few times during the game and really enjoyed it. Gundy was in his element - and the banter with Patterson was the best - like two friends poking each other. Yes - I was entertained!

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That’s the only way Gundy will get to the National Championship game. How come during the OU game everyone knew they would keep running the same play but Gundy couldn’t stop it one time?

Who was the last OU starting QB that was actually signed to an original letter-of-intent by the Sooners?

J.C. Watts?

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Even If you know what they are going to run, you have to be able to either execute perfectly or have the guys to stop it. RECRUITING - 4 stars and 5 stars. Gundy could be the smartest guy in the room but if he doesn’t have the best athletes on the field it has its limits. I get crootin’ to fit Cowboy Culture but that has a ceiling at 10-3.

You’re Cale Gundy aren’t you?! Please go away. I’ve asked SO nicely…

Did you find your potato?

Again with the hilarity! Going back to the same (bad) joke shows real panache!

Gundy was tremendous last night. The whole setup was so good I never turned it over to the regular broadcast.

I watched the whole game on the Coachs’ Film Room feed. My favorite was Patterson complementing Gundy on how well OSU takes advantage of the rule where Defense gets to substitute when Offense does and Defense slow rolls the play clock. Patterson says TCU will emulate OSU on this practice, Gundy winks and says “we’ll send you some tape”.

Second best part was watching Patterson Nom-Nom pizza on live TV the whole 3rd quarter.

I did the same thing and watched the whole broadcast on film room. It was a great perspective on the game. I meant to keep a tally of "lookee here"s but didn’t make it happen.

I had the same thought about Patterson. “The national championship is on and I’m sitting here watching Gary Patterson eat pizza.”

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