Mike Gundy on Brennan Presley: 'He Really Should Touch the Ball at Least 10 Times'

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The speedy sophomore continues to prove his head coach right.

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The talent of this young man hasn’t even reached it’s potential. The best part is his little brother will be a repeat offender. (Pun intended)


A jet sweep, but pull a guard and a CWB, or e.g. shuttle pass, every game to Brennan would be nice. If 10 is the case, how are we gonna get little bro 15 touches per game cause I think he’s a little bit faster.

Underutilized🤷‍♂️ I mean that’s gundy’s MO

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Be nice if he caught the ball and run better routes we can’t hand him the ball ten times. He is a reciever.

Gundy wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t give u something to cry about.

Speaking of underutilized OSU players:

That’s just in 8 games.

He helped virgina to yet another loss.
U guys kill me. To give everyone u guys want to have so many touch we would need to run 100 plays. Even in the weeden days we couldn’t do that.
Woods would not been a te if not for Gundy’s foresight.

Even your coach says he needs to touch the ball more so LOL. Iv heard this come out of gundy’s mouth for too many years now. Getting old really.

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U must have never heard other coach talk

I guess it’s just the fact that Virginia has found a way to use him, and it looks like he’s going to get to the NFL. We found a way to get him 129 receiving yards his last season at OSU.

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Just his