Mike Gundy Opens Up on Bryan Nardo’s Hire in Expansive Interview

Originally published at: Mike Gundy Opens Up on Bryan Nardo’s Hire in Expansive Interview – Pistols Firing

Gundy said he couldn’t stump Nardo in his interview.

If there’s no answer to it, let’s run the stuff Gundy put on the board.


This will end by the team underperforming just like every year Gundy has been there. I would take Nardo over Gundy.

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If we don’t at least field a top 100 defense next season I’ll be pissed.

This defense will be nice. Next year we could lose alot. Bunch of seniors and 2 could go early

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As long as it’s 97th or above.

You kill always bring up rankings. You can have the same stats and be 20 spots different from year to year. I just want a defense that covers the whole field unlike knowless first year.

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You mean, we will be in the same situation we are in every single year??? Surely not. Next year it will be the same ol’ story. Someone transferring, or injuries, or whatever else Gundy can come up with to justify not winning anything. It’s almost as if there has been an 18 year trend.

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Knowles defense was 97th his first year. I just figured if Nardo was equal to that or better you would be ecstatic.

Lol i know your try to say gundy could of none it with all the other coachs. He is 36 games over. He could have made up for more losing coaches. Since those coach we like 320 games over.

So we can have a horrible defense as long as it ranks fine your happy. Myself is if he defends the whole field ill be happy.

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If Nardo can prove to me he can be equal or better to a DC that’s currently at Ohio State, then yeah I’m fine with it.

Hard to talk about the team when the primary issue is still there. It doesn’t matter what players he has. He will always underperform. He is a good coach. Full stop. He will never be more than that. I would much rather take a chance on an up and coming coach and see what happens. Even if we fail miserably. At least we didn’t continue doing the same exact thing over and over expecting different results. All the while seeing Gundy lose his fire and spirit. Now he is just a slug on the sidelines.


@robert28 doesn’t care about statistics and facts.

If he is better, Gundy will lose him. Just like every other decent coach we have ever had. We just can’t seem to get rid of the head coach.

I don’t like the prospect of losing good assistant coaches, but at least they make OSU better for a little while before we decide to fall back around the .500 category again.

There you go talking just to fill space joy, Knowles was good with a veteran defense. Two studs a LB, corners that were veterans No noticeable injuries. Why didn’t he stop Michigan last year ? That’s what he was brought in to do ? One more year of it Day is quick to pull the trigger.
You should learn football joy before you run your chops
We offered Knowles 1.8 mill to stay I think, about a high as we can go so you and gumball shouldn’t be saying we don’t try keeping a coach.

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Knowles improved Ohio State’s defense from 39th to 12th. Shows how much you know. Btw, they also made the CFP and were 2 points away from beating Georgia.

Didn’t matter did it ? They couldn’t stop Michigan, he allowed more, 3 points more. Shows how much you know joy

Yet if that were Gundy and OSU you’d be finding all kinds of excuses. Kind of like what you guys do with Bedlam and practically any other game they lose every year. You’ll praise coaches and players. Then the moment they leave OSU they’re all of a sudden trash to you. You do know what the word improvement means, right? If so, why is improvement only allowed by Gundy and nobody else?

Here are some facts. Knowles IMPROVED the Ohio State defense, and they made the CFP. That means they were given a chance just like any other team in the CFP to win a national title. So where’s Gundy during this time? Sitting at home figuring out how he might be able to beat Kansas and WV next season.

Here’s the deal DA Ohio St was going regardless of Knowles. Knowles was brought in to beat Michigan, he didn’t, he even allowed more. Don’t get your panties in a wad because we prove you wrong joy :joy:

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