Mike Gundy, OSU's Turnaround Should Silence Any Doubters He Had Left

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Gundy told us not worry.

The bigger question is after 15 years with Gundy is the program making strides to being a championship program consistently? The answer is a very firm no. IF the university is happy with status quo then so be it. If they really want to compete they need to make it known and hold people accountable.


I don’t feel like the program has stalled or reached a pinnacle. We got robbed of a chance for a NC in 2011 which would have done a LOT for the program. Mason’s Sr year was our best chance at another but there were stumbles that I don’t believe you can say were Gundy’s fault. Hell Corndog had a bunch of talent but our defense didn’t step up. We start a RS freshman and a bunch of young players and the world is falling apart? Unfortunately we don’t get the 5* players flocking to oSu. What we do have is a very talented coaching staff that’s really good at evaluating players and developing them. Keep watching… We have Stoner, probably Wallace back next year and Sanders will get better. Jelani will be somebody before it’s over as well. Looking like our defense is headed the right direction.
I’m not saying this to be rude but there is another school that welcomes bandwagon followers. Me, I’m loyal and true through and through, no matter what. Go Pokes!!


What still kills me is the Tech game. All of those mistakes and we still had a legitimate shot at winning the game. Win that one and Bedlam is for a spot in the Big 12 Championship, and a second shot at Baylor which I would’ve absolutely loved.

However, I am very proud of the team for rebounding from a rough start. The D is looking pretty strong, and it looks like we should have an exciting end to this season, and a very promising future ahead.

Go Pokes!


Getting “robbed” (I agree with you) has nothing to do with where our program is and where it’s going today.
But we aren’t making consistent steps to become a championship program. We’re generally destined to finish 3rd at best most years. The last two we’ve been worse than that. We can finish anywhere from 3rd to 6th this year. Not the positive steps I see in a program moving forward.

This program has been moving “forward” since the Les Miles era. Consistently wins 9-10 games each season. Top 15 winning percentage in the nation over the last 15 years. Has a chance every few years to be a top 5-10 team. Based off where OSU was before, and being in a conference with a perennial contender and top 3 all-time program down in Norman they have to play each year, not sure how much forward a still relatively new-ish “winning” program can go.

I’m guessing a few more conference titles or something?


I guess if we’re happy with being above average. IMO we could’ve easily lost the game yesterday to a far inferior opponent. Just like we could’ve against TCU and Iowa State. Should’ve beaten Texas, Tech and Baylor, got out coached and out schemed.

D is looking strong against Kansas and West Va, not what I would call good teams. Let’s see how well they play on Saturday. It’s too base IMO, so is the offense. Hey, at least we run more than one slant against Burning Sofa U.

Wallace is NOT coming back but that’s okay, plenty of talent at WR. Hope CJ stays, that kid will prove me right and be the next stud next season. Sanders has plenty of talent, if only we would call plays that would’ve helped him out early on.

Win Bedlam then let’s have this discussion.

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Where is this “NFL” talent you speak of? We’re just ok at this point. Someone is going to have to step way up to be NFL talent.

I hope you are wrong about that but I believe he is going to leave as well. Not sure what CJ is doing. He has some great vision and hands.

The TT game is definitely the killer this year. At that point the outlook was bleak for the season and with the prospects of a worse year than 2018, I wondered if we were witnessing Gundys decline.
However he has done a great job in turning things around. You can say we have looked good against inferior teams, go talk to OU and Oregon about that.
Everyone on this board wants to become a championship level team. It’s just not as easy as firing Gundy and getting someone else. There’s a lot of talk about Boone’s resources should allow us to do this and that. Again talk to Texas and Arkansas who’s resources dwarf ours and firing every coach and hiring new hasn’t worked out. It’s not that we are happy with the “status quo” it’s just that we are happier here than where AR and UT are right now. No one that gets on the internet and gripes about Gundy can guarantee we’d become OU with a coaching change. It sounds good, but those odds are not as good or easy as typing out a gripe post.

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It’s true that we’re in a bit of purgatory of being several games better than our historic average, but not yet a consistent conference championship contending team. Maybe we can hire our way out of this spot, but I’m pretty skeptical of that. In the long term, I think we’re better served by having literally decades of consistent performance than by gambling.

Yet below the historic average against OU. Gundy will never have a “consistent conference championship contending team” . He averages 4th. That’s what he is.

I’ll be sure to let you know when I care about this fact in isolation 1/10th as much as you do.


Just the facts, ma’am

Definitely winning a few more conference titles should be in the mix. I look at it as oSu should be in the mix to win the Big XII 2/4 years, with the other 2 years being rebuilding years. Coach Gundy has had the opportunity to win the title 4 times in the last 10 years and came out with one championship, a little underwhelming. I think the losses were due to being overly conservative (which I think he has been better at being more aggressive the last two years). I expect oSu to be competing for the Big XII over the next three years and if your competing for the conference title you should be competing for the national title.

Boone Pickens last public words to Gundy were to be aggressive and stop being conservative. I agree with you both. I do think Gleeson is has some good concepts. Just needs to be bold and possibly turn off his headset.


Gundy seems to have changed his approach compared to that of last few years. He is more active in managing the game and actually engages more with the players on the sidelines. I remember being at the TCU game in 2017 and Gundy was away from everyone just standing there and not trying to get the players to rise up or something like that. He made the mistake of being too much of a CEO and not being a coach which is what his main job is. The good thing is that he seems to have evolved himself and gone back to what made him successful in 2010/2011. That is to be there as the head coach for his players and actively managing the game, coaches and players.

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