Mike Gundy Speaks on George Floyd Death: 'We Must Work Harder Together'

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Great stuff from the head coach here on Floyd and the future.


This makes me proud to be a part of Cowboy nation. We have good people at the top. We have very admirable young people in the ranks. We are all one made in His image which means He sees us all equal so we therefore much view each other as equals.

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Listen this was a horrible thing that one “man“ did to another “man” and until we can talk this way and think this way then maybe we can have a better tomorrow. If you think that this sounds insensitive to color then maybe you should look at yourself. Now having said this, I truly believe that all people of all race will never get along. It’s just The make up of humans in general. If we were all one color we would still find something in another person or persons that we don’t like. I don’t have the answer and quit frankly no one has to this point in the life of this earth. But what we can do is pray for this country and our leaders on a daily basis. I think most people feel for this man that his life was taking through violence and also other people around the world.