Mike Gundy Talks Recruiting Class, DC Search, Culture Concerns and More in Radio Hit

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Gundy on the new signees, the DC search and more.

Well there you go gundy talking to players. The bs started after kids didnt get to play. I know tge haters hate this. It fit what i knew.

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The world is burning, BURNING I tell you !

But it’s burning bright orange .


Nobody said he wouldn’t talk to players coming in. That’s just something that’s part of the job when he does his annual introductions. He’ll do another here in a few months. Some of us had an issue with him not talking to his players LEAVING. Don’t get the two mixed up here.

I wasnt and i can read. The players were VETERAN i dnt think they were 18. That is in the culture section. But thinks for the laugh.


Am I missing something? I count five wins, 5-4 not 4-5!

Sorry, I didn’t make it clear. I thought this thread was attached to the “way too early” prediction where Boone said we only got 4 conference wins.

Yea boone picked 4 wins. The spread was 5 wins.

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It fits what Gundy wants you to believe.


Coming from a Robert Allen radio show clip. You know he didn’t push back on anything Gundy said.

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Locked on osu interviewed benson. It went a long the same lines of what gundy said. You ought to listen to it. He also said he came here because there is nothing to do. That hurts alot of you haters on more then 1 front.

Im not saying that some guys my in their mind dnt see they are not treat rite. Even a great guy like you could piss off some one. You are divorced? Gundy has been dealing with 30 plus new guys for over 3 decades.

If you go thur the rumors only a couple of these guys are blaming gundy for poor communication. Alot of these guys left for playing time or what they think is a better chance for them.

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You have issues with everything Gundy does joy
You cry all the time

There’s nothing to see here. No coach is going to say anything negative about his current program. Not a single one. Some people discredit the things said by the players that have left as sour grapes. They then use what the HC of the program says as gospel. Can’t have it both ways. It can’t be that all the players lie or have an agenda……but the coaches do not. Is there a culture problem in Stillwater? Who knows. Some things this season would hint at yes. Gundys track record as a HC would say there is not. There is definitely some smoke…….time will tell


Culture has nothing to do with speaking to players coming in or going out. Culture isn’t preventing Gundy from at least speaking to the ones that were leaving. You really need to stop drinking this Gundy koolaid.

Issues? Go ask anyone in this forum if they have an issue with Gundy not attempting to speak to his players leaving. The fact we had one that left to go to our rival school after working his a$s off coming back from injuries and was one of our best defensive players when healthy should give you a hint. Don’t tell me Ford didn’t have any Cowboy Culture in him before finally leaving.

The two biggest eye raises for me were what Ford said & JPR leaving. I think the Gundy guys can raise some pretty reasonable doubt at some of the other defections. But those two were the ones that even make the loyal (yet sane) supporters take notice & pay attention.

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Billy you need to stop drink all together. When you quit a job do you go talk to your boss. Only people who talk about quitting is people wanting to put leverage on the boss.

This a narrative you want to believe, thats great believe it. Just ignore alot of evidence against it. Did harper leave because no one talk to him. Him and his brother played 11 years for gundy. Locked on osu said big presley was talked out of leaving. How can that be true if no one talks to players. Locked on had benson on talking about a great relationship with gundy.

Seriously Johnson want to bring in his family to talk about game planning. Seriously. Dude that ain’t happening anywhere.

The simplest deal is to see how mean guys have played 5 or 6 years for gundy. Remember not all these guys are leaving hating gundy. Another thing is gundy has said he wont take scholarship away. So he is giving more then the players. Alot is out there i can point out more. Last time to talk about it. I will have to revert to my old way of point you lack of knowledge out

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That is the worst examples tomato slice.

Jpr made it clear as did his dad. As long as presley is here he could be the top reciever. I think he want to be a z or y.

There has been alot of back lash on ford from fans. Martin came on a said ford had alot going on. With his issue and the play of other guys with us going to the 3 3 5. Just left ford outside looking in. I would have a hard time believing he will play alot.

Johnson and lil presley are the only 2 that fits completely with narrative of gundy bad talker.

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If the person is showing potential and looks like they will be an asset to the company then you bet your a$s he’s going to go speak with them and try to retain them. I can see you’ve never attempted to try out the job market. What a stupid phucking statement you just made lmao.

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Lol for guys like you the old saying is true no one is irreplaceable. Thinking your irreplaceable is definitely different from talking to your boss to make the situation better.

Lol dnt worry ive had plenty of bosses calling me back. Ive also let a lot of dead weight guys leave by giving them options.

We see how many of these guys were irreplaceable.

The only a spot i know we didnt completely replace were the dt. Mite not need to if guys like kelly are ready.

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