Mike Gundy Will Always be the Best Football Coach in OSU History, And I Hope He Doesn't Stop There

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Opportunity arises for Gundy and OSU.

Kyle, first I think this is an excellent follow up to previous coverage. I sincerely feel you guys have done a fair and needed job in covering what is a “real story”.
I believe there is some narcissistic behaviors (either DSM-5 or alternative models) that Coach Gundy has been displaying for some time.

This is a real story, because it is affecting national coverage (see Pat Forde’s story) and impressions. This affects perceived culture that Gundy preaches. It also affects recruiting, thus talent and ultimately Wins/Losses (see Bedlam record for talent discrepancy). Parents want to send their kids to play for guys talking about rowing boats and yelling their 40. They don’t want to send their kids to a program that is lead by a guy with a growing national perception (right or wrong) that shows little empathy, flirts with other programs annaully, and appears grandiose in their sense of self-importance. Maybe he’ll remember back when he was 40?

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I’ve been turned off by the criticism of Gundy’s “Covid speech”. I felt the reaction was over-blown and hyper-critical. BUT…this post is SPOT ON. And in hindsight, it does place a higher importance on Gundy’s “Covid speech” than I originally and recently believed. I’ve been saying for years now that Mike Gundy is out of touch and has lost the fire and for lack of a better term thinks his s*** don’t stink. On the surface, I still believe Gundy’s comments regarding the pandemic were over blown. But when they’re thrown into the bag of other examples of his behavior over the last few years, it’s certain in my mind that his comments are further proof of his out of touch, ego inflated persona.

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Thank you for saying that.


Great post! Glad you guys can stay objective and report both sides of a discussion.

We have had two conference titles since 1953 so if we’re in a golden era of football, I hope basketball gets better.

And still more beating of the deceased equine, take a deep breath, let it out slowly and then join the “I will quit Gundy bashing “ 12 step program.

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Lol when will you guys see that blue bloods will always be blue bloods in their respected sports? Osu will never be a blue blood in football and the system (money) will always be set up to have them stay blue bloods. So let’s not think for one minute we are going to see championships and titles in Stillwater in the next 100 years. I mean we have only one Heisman Trophy winner and arguably the best college football player to ever step on a football field and we still don’t have a statue of him on campus. I mean this is laughable stuff here boys! Let’s concentrate on basketball and wrestling and golf. Better to be dominant in one sport than ok in all.

Great article. You are absolutely right, he’s the best coach we’ve ever had. Last year I thought he really shined, he did what he said he was going to do - improve discipline and clean up play - and the result were good. This year could be something really good. Where I think he’s had rough spots, it is in replacing coordinators and (subsequently) improving and sustaining recruiting. New coordinators take time to bring their own stamp to the offense or defense, to recruit players to fit that system, and if they then leave then things inevitably get shaken up.

Yes, his comments on COVID-19 were stupid. Not worth firing over, and memories will fade.

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He’s a great coach if you’re happy with 3rd or 4th in the conference.

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