Mike Gundy's Buyout Reduced by Around $10 Million

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Gundy’s contract changed in a big way.

Conversely if Gundy decides to flirt with other jobs it reduces the buyout needed for other suitors to acquire his talents.

I know the Kyles will be excited if Gundy leaves but I hope they know the team will go to the crapper if that happens. If that happens, it’ll mean less content which will yield less readers.

I don’t see Gundy going anywhere. And if he did move on I don’t think the program suffers. OSU football is now a successful program and therefore a more attractive landing place for successful coaches. Especially since OSU overpays its football coaches.

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Anybody who thinks we will get better when Gundy leaves hasn’t been watching Osu for 50 years !!

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I think we could get better I mean we’re not winning the national title every year so obviously you could get better, but this notion that Gundy is terrible and whoever we got after him would immediately be better is just ignorant. I understand OSU is a much better program than what it used to be but we’re no where close to a blue blood and look what OU was in the 90’s before bob Stoops, look at Bama of the early 2000’s before saban (News flash we beat them!) or look at Michigan the last 20 years before Harbough and they’re still not what they were. We could be better but there’s no guarantee the next guy can deliver that.

I was wondering how much grace u would give Gundy after his mom’s death. A lot less then I thought, but knew this was coming. U wrote a whole story that basically tells us nothing new. Why. Well we know Gundy trim u down in the club house. Why are u on here u never write your own articles. U copy out of the world Oklahoman or so pokes. What ur buy out, that one could happen.

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I think this is Gundy’s way if saying " I’ve gotten away from coaching and made it more of a business" I think now we will see the Gundy of the past. Hungry,wanting to win and make a name. He just got to comfortable

Dream on.

Geez!!! We get it man!!! You want Gundy gone!!! You think you are the only ones that want this to happen?