Mike Gundy's ESPN interview on 2011 ... and recruiting

Gundy saying OSU would have beat LSU for the natty got the headline (obvi), but this quote was … something. Buried in the story a bit, but wow.

“Talent-wise, are we going to have Top 25 teams every year from a pure talent perspective?” Gundy said. “Probably not, but we can still win a lot of games and we have won a lot of games.”

Glad that other oSu coaches are not taking his approach to recruiting.

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Seconded. This just adds fuel to the ‘Gundy is not concerned with recruiting’ fire and, honestly, rightfully so.

Mike Boynton says hi.

Apart from the obvious of keeping him around, I really hope making Dunn assistant head coach was Gundy’s CEO approach to get more dudes recruited to play in Stilly. Dunn’s impact on recruiting outside of the WR room would be a big step in the right direction.