Mike Holder, Burns Hargis Backing Gundy Following Investigation

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Gundy gets a thumbs up for the season.

Well your half right. Gundy needs to get a better relationship with his players. He is not the one with the power trip problem.


Love seeing this!

Then Dan Wolken on Twitter insinuated that since Holder and Weiberg are both white, they aren’t “qualified” to say MG isn’t racist.

Then, of course, my twitter hero Mike Boynton swooped in and told him to shove it, in a very classy and dignified manner.

One other bonus in all this is that it’s made me realize that me ever doubting the hire of Mike Boynton was as stupid As believing the Earth is flat


So wearing an OAN shirt is not an indication you’re racist? Huh.

Got to wonder if there were any conditions place on the mullet by Hargis or Holder like don’t call them by there number, show some interest in them, etc. Also, any conditions on his contract like suspending the automatic five year rollover.

I’m encouraged this is the end result. If Gundy follows through, it’s a win for the student-athletes and fans. Accountability is a good thing, glad PFB has called out HCMG when appropriate.

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Wait… The Earth isn’t flat???


Nothing to see here. Holder had to come out with something. And since the players’ who publicly called out Gundy couldn’t come up with actual examples of racism (much like Chuba’s appearance on First Take)…well, this is all they could say. I don’t think there’s a coach in America that doesn’t strive to do better at relationships every year. This is a big nothing burger to cram down the woke folks throat to get them to quiet down a bit, and a show of support for Gundy.

“this was not an issue of racism but rather an issue of power and distance.” That’s not what the rest of the nation will take away if all they heard was ESPN’s coverage. Disappointing.

I don’t blame Chuba for taking a stand, but I believe he has harmed the program by doing so publicly at the time that he did it. There are a bunch of people, even recruits, who now think Stillwater is a racist hick town and Gundy is the worst stereotype they can imagine. Is he out of touch and arrogant? Sure, but he’s not what Boone’s/Chuba’s tweet and their timing have made him out to be.

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Hahah I was almost tempted to type it out the other way saying, “doubting the hire of mike Boynton was as stupid as believing the Earth is not flat” but then I was like nah, I can see someone not seeing it as a joke

Love Boynton and talked him several times, super good guy, But… has done nothing as far as wins on the court to make him more than average…
I am pulling for him and hope he wins some conference titles and more.

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No it does not, being conservative and pointing out liberal differences does not make you a racist… just means you have a different perspective.
Does not mean you have to agree with it, and hopefully means you don’t try to cancel their perspective.

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To me, relationship-building is something that is either innate, or it’s not, but it cannot be forced. Kind of like, you’re either an extrovert or an introvert, but whichever you are, you do not become the opposite. Some people are naturally more predisposed to making friends, while others are not. It doesn’t surprise me that Gundy is somewhat aloof to his players. I really don’t think any mandates from the administration is going to change that. It’s either authentic or it’s not.

I tweeted about this when it was first responded to by Chuba. My thoughts were to the bad attention it has drawn to oSu. Should Gundy have worn the shirt? Probably not, but it’s his right to. If you disagree with that statement then there is something wrong with your thought pattern. Should Chuba have been irresponsible in tweeting the way he did? Definitely not. This is not how grown adults should take care of things. The damage has been done to oSu and will probably take a hit because of it. I don’t believe Gundy is racist.
Give ESecPN a chance at any kind of sports related story, and they are going to be all over it when there are NO sports to cover. They don’t care if it is negative.

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Sooooo…you do believe Earth is flat?

Yep. If someone as athletic as Kyrie Irving believes it, then it must be.

I’m been waiting for Kyle Boone to retweet Dan Wolken’s “woke” tweets

Uh…no. I’m glad you’re finally understanding that