Minnesota Wrestling Transfer Tagen Jamison Commits to Oklahoma State

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Jamison was 124-4 as a high schooler.

OK, does he go at 141 or 149. I think Carter Young redshirts and recovers from knee injury. But also have Sammy Alvarez in mix at either 141 or 149 and Jordan Williams at 149. He was at 65 kg in US Open which is 143. At 19 he might still grow. So 141 and 149 look pretty solid.

My predicted lineup: 125 Troy Spratley, 133, Fix, 141 Alarez, but could be this kid, 149 Williams, 157 Khayitov, 165 transfer from NIU, 174 Plott, 184 Thompson (freshman), but could be Whitlake, 197 Surber (but maybe freshman Robb) and 285 Carroll

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What about Cael Hughes and also Haas?

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Sure would be nice to get all American Jared Franek out of the portal for 157. Probably better than Kayitov.

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Exactly what we need, former Fargo champions.
We should have an improved lineup over last season. Definitely at 165 and 125, and most likely at 141 and 285.

Hughes is a 133 pounder, so he will redshirt while Fix starts. Haas could go up to 197. But last year lost ranking match to Whitlake and did not do as well in Southern Scuffle as either Whitlake (who won) or Stika (placed 3rd). The new freshman Thompson is real stud so I kinda thinks he starts at 184 and they do not redshirt him (same with 285 pounder Carroll).
Franek is from NDSU and likely follows coach to OU. If that is case, and I am right on lineup, we will get to see if he is better than Kayitov (I would think so also but Kayitov is a real unknown, as with better coaching and workout partners, as well as more time with folkstyle, he could get much better).

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Thompson starting over Plott at 184? And you see someone at 197 other than Surber?

Plott is 174 pounder. So I see Plott and Thomson both starting. A wild possibility is Withlake starting at 174 (he was a very small 184 pounder) and Plott redshirting.
I think likely Surber is 197 pounder. Other 197 pounders are Haas and Robb, the true freshman. Haas is good, but I think not as good as Surber. I think Robb may get better as he is from Bixby and was a football player. So he likely split focus between football and wrestling in high school, while most top wrestlers were solely wrestling. And Bixby was state champs so he really missed most of the fall wrestling season. So Robb may at some point be really good, but next year likely Suber. Suber was one match away from AA status at Tulsa and has shown he can improve, so I don’t think 197 will be weak link for Pokes (likely 157).

Who do you see at 149?