More Piping Hot Takes

fIrE gUnDy, Be LiKe tExAs


You think any coach is content with 4th place?

Ouch. I’ve never seen someone undo their life’s work with one post (well, cancel culture I guess).


I haven’t called out ar1 enough, but this might be the nuts of bad takes:

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaha.


Excellent Jake. God these two r just the to biggest haters. Get jug out here ou loses 1 more game they wouldn’t be impovered. We got that loss for them.
We were pounding the heck out of tcu and jody was crying about the offense.

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Yea great retake :joy::joy::joy: how Joey and Jug can hate a school they SUPPOSEDLY went to baffles me

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How is he supposed to know for sure? When Gundy has found ways to consistently be 3rd and 4th eventually you start believing that’s about where he’s going to get to or maintain in the future. There were no recent reasons to believe he would exceed otherwise.

Well let me rephrase that. Do you believe any other coach besides Gundy is content with 4th place?

So he’s excellent because he waited till the season was nearly over to try and call people out? Don’t remember seeing him on here much making any kind of prediction. That’s pretty easy to do if you think about it.

I did tell you all to quit overreacting to one or two games. I don’t sit here and talk out of my butt when I have limited information.

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So based off the first two games did you even think this team would get 4th in the conference or better?

Now I’m going to have to like… embarrass you.

Missouri State

Here’s you flipping our lid and saying this team is going to be one of the worst Gundy teams ever…

Here’s more of your Willie Fritz talk. Oh boy. He’s still 0-fer in his baby conference right?

Hehe… Tulane is a “good” G5 team. Oh man.

We probably didn’t call you stupid enough… you really wanted this awful Tulane coach. I am glad you’re just some mom’s-basement-dweller and not our AD.

ar1 and Logan believed you. They were wrong, but they believed you. Also, everyone did get on and defend Gundy.

So, after all of those histrionics, here’s what I said about it. And you know what? I was right on the money. I forgot Sanders was out that game. Geeze, man. Week one without QB1. Why you overreact?

Did Bob Simmons have a top 5 defense in the nation? Asking for a friend.

I won’t go into all this like weird “Gundy wasn’t emotional enough” crap that Logan was spouting off about. Like he wanted Gundy to throw a chair or cry or something. You know which coaches are cool, calm and collected in the Big XII? The two that are probably going to go to the conference championship game: Gundy and Aranda.

Here are some more of my level-headed and reasonable takes. Like this one after Tulsa. I might be too harsh on Dunn. I still don’t know about him. Obviously the offense isn’t a strength, but it’s certainly gotten better after we got healthier. My bad, Dunn. You deserve some more time:

I’m very positive about Warren and BOY HOWDY, was that right. I’m down on Sanders, but still hopeful that he can turn it around. I said he needed to figure stuff out, and I think he has. He hasn’t made terrible mistakes lately.

I wasn’t “off” of Sanders, though…

See how I have this completely rational, “wait and see” approach and actually wait for information before I start throwing out bad hot takes and not disregarding the whole body of work Gundy has put together developing talent? Here’s another example of me weighing possibilities and looking for more data when you were on the “GUNDY HAS FAILED AT DEVELOPING A QB!”

So, if you really want to go back and look at what I’ve said, I’m always:

1.) Not panicking.
2.) Looking for more information before forming an kneejerk opinion.
3.) Weighing extenuating circumstances like injuries.

So, yes, I didn’t rule out the fact that we could finish higher than 4th because not only did I not know how good we were or if some of our issues were fixable, but I didn’t know how good the rest of the league was.


What I want to know is how Kansas can score 57 against Texas and we struggle to score over 30 against them?

Game complexion is different. Texas is in a downward spiral now. They were feeling more competitive earlier in the season.

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That’s not a good enough excuse there Jake. Texas is still trying to get to a bowl game. I watch an OSU team have to climb back from a double digit deficit against a team that just let a 1-8 Kansas team maintain a lead against them the entire game and put up 57.

OK, so other than Texas’s spirit being broken, our offense has been getting healthier as the season progresses. LD is still out and one or two receivers, but we’re as close to full strength as we’re going to get… Sanders and Dunn are getting more confidence in themselves and each other. We’re building chemistry.

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I’m just following what Gundy said. He said you gotta give a QB 15 games. Sanders had already been past that mark.

Oh my this is pure gold. And all joe can manage to ask is how Kansas scored 50 on Texas?

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Cmon dude your really not this ignorant right?

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Your reaching for your narrative about Gundy to be right joe. Just admit you don’t like him in general it’s okay.

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