More Piping Hot Takes

Hate is a very strong word Yo. I prefer to say I dislike some of his philosophies on some things, but I don’t ALWAYS think he’s wrong. What I can agree with him on is that we need to do a better job of being former players back, and making more statues and having more players inducted.

That’s what big time programs do and it’s a step in the right direction. It also creates appeal when higher caliber recruits visit campus. I personally would like to see a statue of Justin Blackmon considering he’s only one of two college football receivers to win the Biletnikoff twice.

I never said hate there. And like I’ve said before if you’d just admit you don’t like him in general everything else makes a lot more sense

Higher caliber recruits. Funny u dnt talk about how are recruiting keeps getting better.
I’ve told u why r offense didn’t do better early. Young players not executing. Now we have had the players back gained experience they are executing. Less flags. Players are were they are suppose to be. Better blocking by receivers. We have had only 4 ( out of 11 spots) players play all 10 games.

Another one of Joey’s hot takes is gundy is not emotional.
I’m a man.
Go ask any big 12 ref if he is not emotional. Gundy is amazing how fast he can see a penalty thar wasn’t called and on the refs ess.
Ask herman how emotional he is we he went to get his players to back off.
I guess u can only be emotional if u eat grass.

You changed your post is what you did.

Um no

The recruiting rankings haven’t finished yet for the season and we haven’t had a top 25 class in 10 years. So I don’t understand how you can say it’s “getting better”. I look at recruiting classes as a whole. Come back and brag about it once we can prove to get a higher class than Indiana and Purdue.

I know we’ve seen a lot of “I don’t give a chit” emotion after multiple bedlam losses in a row.

Crying after u spilt the milk is what u do.

I know because gundy can’t run enough guys off, we are short of scholarships this year.
But if u can’t say this is a nice class then ur just pulling ur baby crap.

Why do you guys keep just making new threads about the same conversations in old threads? Just creating more clutter on here for no reason

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So it gives u guys on the pay site to come on here telling us how super u guys are.

What I want to know why u guys lower urselves to enter the ghetto.

I’m not trying to. Robert just keeps it going.


Hahahaha ok man, didn’t know a single question would bother you so much. Make sure to refill that xanax prescription soon! I’d hate for your life to get anymore stressful

I only answered u one time how is that getting bent.

U asked a stupid question so I followed suite but with a real answer.
I’m sure u get ur mom riled up by asking silly questions but I think it’s cute u think highly of urself.

I will say if u guys a solving world peace, hunger and how to live thur Biden then I will need to start paying.

There was too much humble pie and crow for one meal, so I had to wrap it in foil and reheat it.

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