Most Underrated Hoopers: Keiton Page and Randy Rutherford

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Two of the best shooters in school history.

Good series, guys. I would take Rutherford off the underrated lost because he’s not underrated for those who saw him. I am glad he’s had some visibility on PFB recently for the #youngs. I think Cobbins should be here per the joke about a call from Ford. For a guy still getting paid to play the game, he was underappreciated while here (somewhat mocked as Cobbins Chamberlain). I think time has validated the value he brought to that team and the hole that was left when his ACL decided to leave the building.

Man if Keiton was even an inch above 6’ his game would have been top notch. I watched him growing up and played against his older brother(who was very good also). Keiton had range for days and could pass/dribble also. He would have easily been a 4* and had way more offers.