National Championship Game Thread: Alabama vs. The Other OSU

Gimme your predictions for the evening guys and gals.

Ohio State by 10

Can both teams lose?


Alabama 45 Ohio State 38.

Taking the over and OHio state +8.5

That number seems high.

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Bama obliterates them, makes it a game not even worth watching from nearly the get go so I will have to find something else to occupy my evening.

I will be happy if I am wrong but it is just my luck that the last college game of the year is not even worth watching.

I think, assuming Justin Fields is at or close to 100%, Ohio State’s offense can keep it close with the way they were able to take the top off the D against Clemson plus the way Trey Sermon is running it right now. Ultimately Alabama’s offensive skill talent is going to be too much for Ohio State’s weak back end, especially if Jaylen Waddle is able to play. I don’t think there’s any chance Ohio State can stop, or even slow down, Alabama’s passing game. I think there’s going to be a ton of offense and lots of points.

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Just read this…

The last time the Cleveland Browns won a playoff game was 1/1/1995

The very next day Alabama beat Ohio State in the Citrus Bowl.


tHeRe aRe nO cOiNcIdEnCeS


Time is a flat circle

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Roll Tide! [two words I NEVER thought I would speak, sing, sign, draw, or type…]

I guess, I’ll say Bama by 10.

I went to the Northwestern vs Ohio State game in Indy in '18. Holy Sheet are they annoying fan base.

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Foreshadowing? Maybe it comes down to a field goal?!

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OSU with the built in excuses now

That’s brutal.

Can’t wait for Ohio State fans to blame a Fields interception on two missing kickers and two defensive linemen

Just scarfed down some B Dubs, let’s do this thang


Alabama by 90