NCAA Releases Strong Statement on OSU Hoops Appeal: 'This is Unacceptable'

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NCAA blames OSU for threats on committee members.

There getting heat from all over the place. Idiots should have known they got the same backlash the first time.

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Good. Glad the morons are taking heat. We got screwed and they did it.

F’em and feed 'em fishheads.

I’ll try to feel sorry for them. Try really hard.

We gonna get banned from free speech?

Prez of Univ of Georgia signed the letter. Same school, along with OU, that SUED the NCAA back in the '80s.

Credibility? Zero.

Lol they failed to mention that the committee members are public knowledge. Mike Boynton can’t hide. Why do those people get to hide?

It’s also interesting that they say schools are misstating facts but they don’t directly accuse osu of doing it. Why not? Maybe we didn’t misstate the facts and their comment is a red herring.

Coach B was right. Weak leaders don’t provide explanations. They deflect and blame shift, just like the NCAA did in this release.


Coach Boynton and Director Weiberg DID NOT mistake facts! Nor did they make any accusations. They just told it like it is. So now they (Ncaa slug slimes) have to live with it!

Don’t care how “unacceptable” the NCAA sees these comments. Any more retaliation from the NCAA towards OSU, would easily be seen as a witch-hunt and would be more damaging to the NCAA then to OSU.

We’re already banned the administration might as well keep hammering these peckerheads at every possible moment. I hope coach and the AD come out again and call them out for this weakass email instead of explaining to the players why they’re going to be at home in march.


OSU commenting on the ruling did not cause anyone to harass or threaten the board members. Individuals are responsible for their own behavior and unless the board has interviewed those that have threatened or harassed them as they insinuate, the board is making an assumption about why people have responded the way they have. Once again, the board is showing their propensity toward poor judgement and placing blame on those who have no culpability.

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Personal attacks :joy: what a joke. I mean really?

They know they haven’t got the tip of the iceberg yet. Every time they play on national tv, they know that the announcers will bring it up LOL. Feels like damage control I guess.

“This is also a clear example of the work that needs to be done to address issues and behaviors like this moving forward with the new NCAA Constitution and Division I Transformation process. We know that an adverse decision can be emotional, but personal attacks against individuals simply carrying out their responsibilities are inappropriate, unethical and potentially dangerous.”

You don’t say? Go take out your responsibilities against Kansas and North Carolina and let’s see what kind of reaction those fans, players, and coaches give you.

Great! NCAA is only helping to keep the noise going (under the guise of self righteousness). I love it!

There’s nothing that can be done so why keep reporting on it? Why do we have to be reminded daily about this punishment?

They got u to comment

True! Lol