NCAA Tournament Game Thread: OSU vs. Liberty

The first dance under Mike Boynton, and hopefully, not the last.


5:25 p.m.

Let’s do this.


Pokes by double digits…

In the first half

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I predict that at halftime the score will be within 1-2 possessions due to Liberty’s slow pace and OSU feeling them out. Some strong emotions will probably come out because of that in this thread but ultimately Cade goes full Melo and OSU wins by 12.


I predict a 7 point lead at halftime and a final win by 12.


I think Pokes break 80 and hold the Libs to under 75. Not sure if the exact spread though.

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Long rebounds leading to points in transition will be key.

They’re gonna make some 3’s.

Really excited to see how coach B shakes up the defense.

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Just don’t lose. #PokeEm

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Cade ain’t going out in the first round. Pokes by 19


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Pokes by 8!

I think the zebras keep this one close by putting Cade on the bench for most of the first half. 2nd half Cade puts this one away though.

Prop bet… Boynton gets a technical at some point in this game.


So we need Rondel to go full Gerry McNamara then.

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Cade gonna make Liberty watch the rest of the tournament the corner of the room just like…you know what nevermind.


What radio station is this on in Ok? I have to drive to Lawton during the game

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OSU - 84
PragerU - 70

Cade shows why he’s the #1 pick tonight


I use 96.1 in okc. Not sure how far that goes.

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Thanks bro! I’ll use it as far as I can

Pokes by double digits to make a statement

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Liberty’s worst nightmare is about to come to fruition

Like Liam Neeson said, “Goodluck”


If Cade can drop 40 on OU, he might score 70 today