NCAA Wrestling: Oklahoma State Has Rough Third Session at the NCAA Tournament

Originally published at: NCAA Wrestling: Oklahoma State Has Rough Third Session at the NCAA Tournament | Pistols Firing

The Cowboys have just two wrestlers left going into Friday night.

Smith’s seat should be getting more than a little bit warm. Year after year now, we’re not top-tier competitive. This is OSU wrestling for crying out loud. This is not good, and it’s a solid trend. All this “we’re so young” baloney has been repeated for 5 years now. Forget PSU or Iowa, there’s a bunch of programs kicking our butt right now.

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“The Cowboys are currently in 17th place and flirting dangerously with the worst NCAA tournament finish in program history, which was 16th in 2009.”

Let that sink in for a minute .

This season: Mastro was not the answer at 125.
141: Young not strong enough.
157: Gfeller injury at NCAA knocked him out.
165: Sheets terrible up a weight. Wasted his final season.
184: Whittlake not strong enough going 2 weights up.
Overall, a pretty bad lineup and injuries will most likely result in lowest finish ever.
We need a great assistant coach . Need new blood.

I’m an OSU Wrestling fan because of John Smith. He is definitely one of the top 5 wrestlers of all time. I think over the years he has hired and relied on the wrong assist coaches. We have become too defensive oriented and lost our aggressiveness. Our wrestlers have become boring and predictable on the mat. John S was aggressive and exciting to watch. However, it seems our Cowboys have adopted Chris Perry’s wrestling style. We need new asst coaches who can bring some high energy offense back into our program.