New B12 Head Honcho?

Saw a Reddit article titled: “Who will be the new head Honcho of the B12 when OU and Texas leave?”
Curious to hear your thoughts.

Last year about this time I would have said hopefully us. Now I think it’ll be a knife fight in the dark every year.


Pre-NIL I would say us… seems like we might have a tougher time moving forward with recruiting.

And TCU/TTU/Baylor are seemingly only getting better.

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I tbink its going to be wide open for a couple of years with parity all.around. i dont see really O-who caliber teams that can dominate for years in the pipeline. Both baylor and us this year after great seasons last year. It may ebb and flow more without them.

May not be us but we have the best chance I think. We have the most consistency of any team left. Now will that consistency remain as a consistent runner up?


It’s going to be a mix of teams for awhile.

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TCU, OSU, BU. TCU will always recruit better than other two. But the other two will always be competitive. Tech will be up and down


It won’t be us until we show a real commitment to NIL beyond Pokes w/ a Purpose. This season taught us that being stagnant in coaching and recruiting will get your head handed to you on a spike. That’s not changing. I just hope the new admin truly realizes that and takes necessary steps.

I mean what do you want the administration to do with NIL stuff? As has been said ad nauseam, the schools have nothing to do with these collectives.


No, the donors would be more involved w/ NIL I think. I just think admin needs to force some coaching changes if necessary. I’m not asking admin to get involved in NIL.

The answer to the original question is obviously Texas Tech. We’ve been told ad nauseam that they are the next big thing.

We are.

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