New Oklahoma State Commit Braylin Presley's Highlights Are Ridiculous

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Well joe and ar0 here is yet another brother to come play for gundy. Makes Jeff’s 90% theory look really silly.

Wasn’t a theory Robert it was just what was said by a linebacker on the team and he did say that while at my house in front of my face. Just because one brother commits and 10 others don’t doesn’t justify what ever your trying to imply. Let’s see what gundy can do with this veteran team next year and with this recruiting class and no excuses.


So what is his weight? I’ve seen 155 to 170.

One brother? Rite now there are two sets of brothers on the team today. We just lost 2 sets of of brothers through graduation. We have another set of brothers being made with the presley’s. I dnt know all the cousins. We have more chances of relatives in the 2023 class.
All teams have guys on them that are not happy. Jeff u got to ask urself, how do we even have a team if 90% don’t like the head coach. Why would family let others come to osu.
I’m not saying the kid lied but embellished. I’ve had a lot of coach and act I didn’t like alot of them.
I know like Jenkins didn’t like glass in ur face motivation. But 90% rethink it before u spread it.

Braylin is a top 300 in espn. It weird how big a difference can be in sites.
Both of r 300 espn players r 3 :star2:. I can see on the qb. I know oklahoma doesn’t have the 4 or 5 stars. But braylin is on the top school in the state, Gatorade player. There has been examples of small guys doing well and with his moves.
This is why I don’t get overly excited about #'s some have no #'s. We had a guy counting on are #'s who never came and one who came never counted.