New OSU O-Line Commit Bumped Up to Best JUCO Prospect in Country

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Webber becomes OSU’s fourth four-star prospect.

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About time we get a highly wanted o-linemen. Think he’s one of only two 4 :star: o-lineman gundy has got in his coaching career at Oklahoma state. Hard to believe. Needed this one for sure.

Now let’s hope we get a quarterback in the portal and move sanders to a receiver.

Know dickey is OK. U guys kill me.
As long as we get 4 stars it’s ok.

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OK. Like this class but we need more defensive guys. We still only have 5 that mean we will have to go transfer for alot of guys in the future.

I never dicky was good or bad.

I did think by now the o-line would be playing better by now tho. Every time gundy is asked how he thinks Spencer played all he says is “well we didn’t protect him good enough.” Jury is still out on him.

Both has happened the line is better and there is pressure. But the pressure is less then r defense gives out.

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Yes u rite this would go out to Joey and ar1

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I think Sooner or Longhorn fan reading the fact that we have only four 4 star commits so far would get quite a chuckle out of that. That’s why when Gundy is successful it still is very impressive considering that we usually don’t high level recruits. I go back and forth with what I think about Gundy. He truly is a man of contrasts but he has brought this program to new heights.

If we have 14 of a possible 25, and the class is ranked #32, what are the odds of getting into the top 25 class ranking with the potential commits we end up with? Is it more likely the class ranking moves up or down based on who we could get with the remaining 11 spots?

One problem we dnt have 25 scholarships. Gundy has never said how many. But by the why I take it we got 18.

2-4 more 4 stars and were looking pretty good. All I ask from his recruiting is 6-8. Hope we can find a couple more.

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Two words: Transfer Portal. They are saving a few scholarships for the Portal.

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Gundy said 2 or 3 for tranfers

Need all the help on the o’line we can get.

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