New Triplets

Was thinking about this last night … it’s become clear that OSU has something special in Sanders-Chuba-Tylan. So if you had to rank the Gundy-era triplets, how would you rank them starting with Zac-Dez-Hunter. Not most accomplished or anything like that but rather who you think is the best and most talented.

I think that Weeden-Blackmon-Randle is top - for now. Let’s see how the next few weeks go, but if we steamroll Texas, I’m willing to put Sanders-Chuba-Tylan up at the top. Yes, even this early.

  1. Robinson/Bryant/Hunter
  2. Weeden/Blackmon/Randle
  3. Rudolph/Washington/Hill

The NCAA robbed us of 2009.


Weeden and Blackmon make it hard to pick anyone else first. Even without Randle they rank #1.
Sanders is already better than Mason at the fade. He could never figure it out. Plus Chubba > Justice?