New Turf at Boone Pickens Stadium Appears Nearly Complete, and It's Glorious

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The glow-up is incredible.


Field is fine but getting fans involved and then not using any fan feedback isn’t cool. Don’t involve us if you don’t plan on using it.


I would trade the new turf for a top 25 recruiting class. I’m more worried about winning conference titles than trying to impress people with how pretty our turf looks.

Just as many changes as Gundy’s playbook.


Don’t dig the Oregon orange.

I bet most people on here really care what you like and impresses you… I know I do.


Yeah, it looks cool and all, but it’s no substitution for real grass turf. We should go back to that

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Boring. I was looking forward to the State of Oklahoma outline or something different.


Way too much goes on on the field to go back to grass. Then injuries come into play. Besides Squinky likes grass.

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I really wanted to see the cursive “Cowboys” in the end zone.


Real grass isn’t real conducive for our close-in sunken field. If you want real grass see: O’Brate Stadium Dine to perfection.

This guy always a downer🤣 idk if he’s a real fan,& why he keels commenting at this point

Me too,it was one of the options in the fan poll,but Gundy must be to old school to use it

It’s a pretty simple answer for me. Better players or a better field? Which one gets me a step closer to winning a title? Gundy might be okay with going one step forward and two steps back, but I’m not.

They had the design approved and ready to go. They didn’t care about fan input, only fan interaction for social media engagement.
Doesn’t matter anyway because fans lost all credibility voting for that awful all-orange field!

Orange field would be horrendous. I would’ve really liked to see cursive cowboy end zones though.