New wallet

Okay my wallet is old and I’m tired of it. I’m a minimalist, front pocket guy. Anyone have something they love? I’m sure things have progressed since I started using this.

Card sleeve with a money clip. I do like the bottle opener. Show me what you got.

I got this guy a couple years ago and it’s been fantastic. Now a few guys with different Belroy wallets and they all speak glowingly of them.

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I could probably give you a better recommendation if I could see the front of the credit cards. Will give me a better idea of relative size.


I like a lot about that, but want better access to my cash.

I saw this and it’s got some similar feature for the cards that are cool. It might be too big fir a front pocket though.

I use a front pocket wallet from Rogue Industries. I like it because it blocks RFID readers. Might take a look.

I have to carry more cards than those will hold unfortunately. Like the design of the first one.

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I really like these. Water proof, easy to open and close, very durable. If you get a hole or a tear it’s so simple to just grab another one and replace it. Some even have cool designs if you’re into that. I know ziploc is a little pricy but I highly suggest going with the name brand here, I find they’re more reliable and from the looks of all that cash, you can afford it @TheCraniumMonkey.


Depending on the size of the hole, you could also put some duct tape on it.


All you young, hip guys on this board. I assumed I’d be flooded with cool crap. You’re letting me down and I’m just a little sad about it.


You could buy two and put one in each front pocket.

The depends already make me sweat. Not adding anything else to my pockets that isn’t breathable.


Check out the rest of the wallets that Bellroy makes. High quality leather and very durable in my experience. I’m neither young nor hip, but it’sa good product imo


My wallet is my phone case. Made the move about 4 years ago and never looked back. Prior to that I used Fossil wallets with money clips but by moving to a phone case wallet I consolidated my pocket crap down to keys and phone. This is what I currently use:

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What do you do for bills? How many cards goes it hold?

I’ve seen similar but I’ve always thought they looked bulky - especially when you have the plus sized phone.

I’ve had this one for 5 years now and I’m never going to anything else. Still probably have another 5 left in this one frankly. I love it. And they have other options.


Ridge wallet, before all this current idiocy I flew multiple times per month, it’s a little expensive but it’s worth it, imo.

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Can you front pocket that?

I’ve looked at this one. Lot to like.

Yeah I wore it in my front pocket when I was taking a lot of public transport in DC/Vancouver/Boston.

And my pants are slim cut.

Limited bills will fit, but frankly I’ve not really carried cash around regularly for about 10 years. I fit my DL and 3 cards (debit, credit, shared account) in it. I have gotten very accustomed to it and easily deal with the limits in exchange for only thing to lug around. Apple and Google Pay have also made this much easier.

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