NFL Highlights: Mason Rudolph's Career Game Opposite Baker Mayfield

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Rudolph outplayed Mayfield in a must-win game for the Browns.

Love Rudolph and want to see him succeed, but you can’t say “he outplayed baker except for that costly interception that the browns turned into 7 points and cost the Steelers the game”.

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This. 1000X this. Mason has never truly had “it”. If he did, he takes the sack or chunks it out of bounds with a receiver nearby. That’s a play you simply can’t make regardless of pass-rush. He has to understand down, distance and how to “live another day”. Similar to Rickie Fowler with a 3-shot lead going into a Sunday at a major, only to shoot a 74 and lose it. The great ones don’t allow those things to happen. It’s why Mason is a career back-up and Rickie will never win a major.

if he can really have a career as a backup in the NFL, then he wins. All the ca$h and won’t have to eat meals through a straw when he’s 55.
He made some clutch throws on Sunday… i just disagree with the statement “he outplayed Baker” (and i HATE that f#cking guy).

You don’t think the game goes different if the Steelers play first team defense ? That’s a big factor to me. Faker will have to play them this week, so we will see

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Second-team Steeler defense had nothing to do with Mason dang near throwing a pick 6. With that said, I hope the Steelers blow out the Arkansas drunkie and his primadonna Browns next week. I CAN NOT STAND BAKER MAYFIELD!!!


Maybe it didn’t, but I’ll bet they would have had a cushion by the 4th quarter…, see how that works… I have zero use for that clown either

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Yeah, Steelers would’ve won that if all their starters who are healthy played in that game. Rudy played very well, the exception was that pick, ill advised. He’ll learn from it. He can definitely start next season, and I hope he does, tired of Ben Fatfaceberger and Steelers are MY TEAM!

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Don’t have any idea when Ben retires or goes to another team. His ego is very large. I’m not a big fan of his but he can still throw some darts