Nolan McLean Returning to Oklahoma State for Junior Season

Originally published at: Nolan McLean Returning to Oklahoma State for Junior Season | Pistols Firing

McLean will hit more dingers in O’Brate in 2023.

Great news guys. This is where tomato slice tells us he wont do better. Why sit in the minors. Come back get a bigger pay day

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Something I learned a few weeks ago, was checking Cardinals Ryan Helsley’s bio - who got drafted after his soph season at NSU - you can turn pro after your second season if you’re 21. Not sure when they made that rule cause I don’t remember anyone doing it unless it was juco kid. Helsey throws gas, I wonder if we even heard of the guy when he was in HS, he’s from Tahlequah.


No guarantee on that, there have been plenty of players who don’t do as well after they return to uni baseball and their draft stock goes down. I would’ve taken the money if I were him but as a fan/alum I’m glad he’s coming back. He started really slow this last season and had to get hot to get his BA up. I remember when he was barely over .200…


Its called positive thinking joey, i mean teatown.:innocent::innocent::innocent::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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This is great news. Pitching is going to be the big issue. We lost a ton from last year’s team that was not super deep itself. Great gets in the portal from BYU and Long Beach. Hopefully we can add one more high level arm via the portal.

I like Rob Walton a lot, but our staff struggled a lot last year and there were a lot of times where he let guys go too long. Combine that with Osmond and Davis tranferring, and I start thinking that it might be time for a change.


I think it was a smart choice. He might drop if he suffers an injury, but with his raw power on the mound and at the plate he’ll still be drafted. $700k is nice, but it’s not life changing. This season could give him life changing money.


He will not get a bigger payday. If you know anything about how these MLB draft negotiations go with the slotted money, this is clearly a sign of Mclean unhappy with the slot value they were offering. That wont increase next year. Yes, it was a terrible decision for his pocketbook. Theres a pretty good chance too that Baltimore wanted him as a P.O. while Nolan wanted to be a position guy. I actually love to see guys decide to come back to school…but his draft stock will never be as high as it just was. His upside doesnt change. His mileage on his arm just got higher. He will not get drafted higher next year. The MLB draft is unlike the other two in that its all about leverage. Mclean now has NONE.

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This is awesome! Still not enough though. We need to replace the 4 pitchers we lost. Big mountain to climb.

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Thank you for having some sense. Its great for the program. Great for OSU baseball fans. For his draft stock…its extremely likely that its a very bad business decision.

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You will see guys go the JUCO route so you can increase your draft stock on a yearly basis. If you go to OSU, you have to wait 3 years or until you hit 21yrs old to get drafted. Thats why you very rarely see good D-1 players stay for a 4th year because they lose all leverage

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Cowboys were given a big gift with Nolan making a surprise return.
I don’t expect much from the team next season because of the pitching situation which was already not that great toward the end of last season. And I have been complaining for quite awhile that Rob Walton leaves pitchers in after they are getting clobbered and have nothing left. That doesn’t mean he needs to be let go. It requires the manager to tell him to change his ways.


Nolan is one of my favorite Cowboys and I hope this works out for him in the long run. $794K is a good chunk of money, but I think he can get much more next go around.


The slot value was 794k. Clearly the Orioles didnt offer him the full value for the pick. The one who benefitted was Carter Young who they took in the 17th rd. The money that Mclean walked away from apparently went to C.Y…who signed for 1.3mil, which is mid 2nd rd pick type of money.

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Lol. Look if he comes in and does the same as last year your rite. But if come in as he end last year, your wrong.

To me he had nothing to lose coming back. Has alot to gain by stay.

You told us hoilday had nothing to gain as a 3 pick. I saw a million ways he improved by moving two spots up.
Seriously you just said he will be drafted the same. He hits 20 plus diggers and 300 plus he wouldnt improved money. Lol.

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I havent responded to your ignorance in months and will likely regret responding to this one too as you are clueless most of the time when talking football. Trying to dive into baseball is waaaaaay outta your league.

You dont understand how the MLB draft works. Its about leverage. Its not like the NFL draft.

You say he has “nothing to lose by coming back”. Again, you dont understand how the money works. Lets say he gets drafted in the 1st or 2nd rd next year. Hes going to get low-balled MORE than he did this year because hes out of options. Is he come back to OSU for another year!!! Go to Independent league for a year??? There were 52 College baseball players drafted ahead of him…THEY ALL SIGNED. They all had options to come back. But they all signed. Why? BECAUSE THEY LOSE LEVERAGE/NEGOTIATION ABILITY IF THEY COME BACK.

Where in the hell did I ever say that Holliday "had nothng to gain as the 3rd pick?"

Where did I say that he “will be drafted the same”?

Dude you post almost 16,000 times and most of them are as ignorant in content as they are in grammar. You give the rest of these good posters a bad rep. You actually drive followers away because of the nonsense. Hell I dont agree with most of what @jake4 says and im sure hed say viceversa…but its at least an honest discussion that has points on both sides. Its a good discussion. A good debate. You are just a child

First of all jake says the same as i. You just get hurt feelings when and how i say it. Thats ok im use to thin skin wannabe genius.
Only you would bring up apples( nfl ) when were talking about oranges ( baseball). Nfl you can only be drafted once after your junior years and they declare. With juco red shirt you can be draft a chit load of times.

I know how they draft in baseball. Potential.
Ive talked about it before. Your a lefty that throws 95 plus your in no matter if you can hit the barn or not.

You dnt know how the nfl drafts. Ive seen a heisman winner not get drafted. Ive seen a basketball player get drafted. Ive seen a te get draft because of his combine numbers, over guys with really assets.

We talked about jung from tech. His numbers are what i think mclean can get. If you look at jungs numbers there not as great as you think. Most of his hr were out of ea yourleague early. His ave dropped in league. Why did he go how. Middle infielder with" power". McClean fielding needs to improve. But he can easily play 2nd.

So if he get the numbers i say. Can play all but ss. With inceased consistency to throw 1 good inning. Yea your rite he is chit out of luck.

A guy with power playing infield that could be used a couple a days a week would have no value. Because baseball has unlimited roster.

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I personally think we do need to move in a different direction from Walton, but it ain’t gonna happen, esp w/ Holliday getting him to leave a HC gig to come back to Stilly. I don’t know what it is, recruiting, development, a little bit of both, not getting our pitchers to expand their repertoire, the mental side, etc. One of the best pitches a guy can add if he doesn’t have a good one is a straight change using the Johan Santana grip (middle two fingers, similar to a circle change but usually provides better control and sink action).


I think he has a better chance to get to the Majors as a position guy. Has to cut down on strikeouts though, he’s got the power and is good defensively. Can he hit well enough to be a third sacker though? They expect corner guys in the Majors to hit a lot of dingers and at high average. I personally don’t think his stuff is good enough as a pitcher.

Maybe he wanted not part of Baltimore organization. They haven’t done that well with development but the Orioles are playing pretty well at the moment and much better than anyone expected, having said that they just traded one of their better players in Mancini.

One last thing, he does have SOME leverage though, he could come back his senior season if his draft stock sucks next year, right?

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I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Josh bringing his dad and uncle, who was probably oSu’s best hitting coach ever, back. Not gonna happen this next season as we already have a full coaching staff. What’s Ventura gonna do, keep taking classes till he gets a Ph.D.?

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