Non OSU football thread

Bixby won 72-0 for anyone wondering as I was.

Anybody know if Dax is starting for Michigan?

I think only on special teams.

How do we start back channel communications to get Dax to transfer?


Justice is the back channel.

Want to know the truth about me?

I don’t even know all of the words to the alma mater. Guess what? Don’t give a crap. Because fandom can be measured in multiple ways.

I come from the perspective, not just with sports, that you have to identify every shortcoming and fix them before you can be truly exceptional. I will never be happy until the changes are made.

Some people are perfectly fine with going 8-4 and going to the Camping World bowl. On the other hand, others like me aren’t happy until we consistently are ranked in the preseason, make a NY5 bowl, and have a defense ranked in the top 30.

The one similarity is we’re all OSU fans. We want our team to be good. Some are perfectionists, like me, some aren’t, and that’s that.

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I’m with you. We all want OSU to be the best - we just have different perspectives on what IS the best we can do.

Apparently Iowa State’s fans were thuggish towards Iowa’s band.

ND made it a game.

This Wazzou/UCLA game is insane.

Mike Yurcich at Ohio State…

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Wasn’t that incredible? They shredded Nebraska’s defense. It wasn’t just “smashmouth” football, there was a lot of finesse. Ohio State’s offense looks good.

Pittsburgh vs Cincy. Any thoughts?

Don’t know if this was mentioned in another thread, but Baylor is 4-0. Because clearly the gods hate the rest of the Big 12 for some reason.

They beat Iowa State on a last-minute FG (Iowa State seems to be fading as a “media darling”).

So do we need to start worrying about Baylor? They never look good to me, but they win. Their offense just doesn’t seem to move fast enough.

We will probably have a better idea after the play KSU this weekend. Past two games, Rice and ISU, they had around 20 point first half leads, to then beat Rice 21-13 and ISU by 2… and ISU looks like they stink.

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Last time we played in Ames, on the way out of the stadium, a drunk guy definitely yelled and called me a goat f*****. Caught me way off guard. Mostly good people up there.

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Lol @eddy

So bad.

Coach O. is just so perfect for LSU. Man needs subtitles. Probably has a killer jamb recipe that he makes in a 115 year old dutch oven. Almost certainly has made a man that didn’t treat his daughter right alligator bait.

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