Note on 4-Star 2021 RB Target

Rockdale TX, RB Cam’Ron Valdez is very high on OSU. According to multiple #sources he’s has OSU at the top of his list. He went as far as to call OSU RBU. Great sign for the Cowboys heading into the 2021 cycle. He is a top 20 RB in the country. Although he is a little smaller, he shows great vision and power in addition to his speed and pass catching abilities. Valdez will be a top priority for the Cowboys as they look to add depth at the RB position for the 2021 cycle.


Sounds good. How are we looking for signing a RB for 2020? Is that independent of whether or not Chuba returns?

Yes. 2 or 3 RB targets are still being pursued. It will be in a later thread…


Lawdy he’s fast.


Dang, this kid looks like Justice Hill 2.0 with those open field moves!


That team should never wear anything other than their black pants and blue socks.


That was actually my comp for him when discussing with one of his opposing high school coaches recently. Lol

I love me a stable of RBs :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m more impressed with him finding the hole. Not that the line wasn’t blasting him some big gaps, but several times he makes these really quick (#30 like) side jumps. If he also is patient he could be very very good after some time in the #glassfactory

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@kyleporterCBS, helping hand seems into cowboy recruiting. Way more than @kyleboone. While I love Boone, I think his recruiting coverage is sophomoric. I’m still not sold that @Helper is much better, BUT, he’s willing to go out on a limb and give an optimistic view on recruiting for OSU football. I really think you need someone like that on a site like this. JS

This is a SPICY take. @kyleboone does a heck of a job. And also writes realistically AND optimistically most of the time. Maybe @Helper has some insider info And is awesome for this site but don’t discount Boone at all.


Ok. I’ll bite. How am I childish? Or second rate? Just curious what I can do to improve your opinion of me.

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He makes fast people look… Not fast.


he was describing Boone.

Boone is this your secret account?

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I think he was talking about me as well.

This is awesome!

Maybe not the best place to post this, but I don’t like that the headline is in the main site. I know that it is to entice folks to sign up, but to me it seems like I lose a little value.

How are you losing value if the headline is on the home page?


Be adultish.


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