Notebook: Brock Martin's New Perspective, and a Battle at Cornerback

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OSU’s season is less than two weeks away.

If Springfield was a redshirt freshman last year, then how could be be a redshirt junior this year. Everyone on the roster retains whatever eligibility status they had last year. If you were a redshirt freshman then you are still a redshirt freshman. Weird thing is that OSU has moved everyone’s eligibility status on the roster up a year, which makes no sense. All other media outlets are keeping players status’ unchanged.

We gotta make room for our overwhelming talent in our next 35th ranked recruiting classes.

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You are a loser every day of your life.

Gundy has really hurt some feelings on here, it used to be pretty comical seeing them turn every post into a Gundy topic, now it’s just flat out annoying.

Agreed, really just sad.

Seems like Unruh takes every PFB feature, re-writes it and publishes under his name in the Oklahoman, 3-4 days after it appears here.