Notebook: One Half with a Classic OSU Offense Is Enough with This Defense

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Unloading the steno pad after OSU’s win over K-State.

So in 4 games this season the offense has scored 3, 21, 0 and 0 points in the second half. Also, they have yet to score a single point in the 3rd quarter.

Is this due to conservative play calling with a lead? Or is it due to defensive adjustments made by the opposing team at halftime, with no adjustments made on our end? It hasn’t cost us a loss yet, but will soon if they don’t solve it. Obviously the defense has played lights out to date and mitigated the lack of offense in the second half, but eventually the D will break if left on the field too long.

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Bone head plays have killed drives this week and last.
We got in side the 40 four times in the second half.
3 got flags and the 4th end the game.
The second half was not clean broken plays and flags.
They were still throwing down field on the last drive.

I would agree with you that in this week’s game, the offense wasn’t overly conservative in the second half. I can’t agree with you on the Boise game.

Irregardless, they need to devise a different second half offensive wrinkle prior to the game, unless there’s an obvious weakness in the opponent’s defense they can continue to exploit. I haven’t seen that to date - it feels as though Gundy and Dunn spend the entire 3rd quarter trying to figure out what adjustments were made by the opposing DC and how to combat it (I.e. - reactive vs. proactive).

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I would agree if they were not moving the ball against ksu in the 2nd half. Shoting all of r toes( one by one) off stopped more drives then bad calls.
It’s more then flags, and out of placed players.
Having more of are good players will help.
I’m not making excuses for ksu. This is a new defense. Remember r defense in 2018.
I’m not sure if they have as good as plays as last year.
They have injuries too.

Plenty to like about Warren, Martin, and the defense. Hope the o-line continues to gel and can stay healthy. I took Gundy’s comment last week green lighting Dunn to create better schemes was on display Saturday. Need more IMO but much better this week. Happy for Sanders after an effective and mistake free effort. I thought his progressions and ball distribution was better in the passing game.

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I dnt think dunn and gundy know more then 5 plays. It’s bs excuses talking about injuries and gelling. Sanders just got lucky. Baylor is going to come in and beat us by 20.

I’m glad to see the offense playing better, but those second half woes need to stop. We still need to be able to score anywhere from 10-14 points in the second half (given the defense doesn’t suffer significant injuries).

I’m fine with burning some clock and getting first downs late in the 2nd half as long as the offense is good enough to do it, but we better be up by 14 points or more if we are going to pursue that route. Eventually the defense is going to have a bad game.

You have to look at the type of competition as well. I would say Boise is the best passing threat we’ve faced to date. Let’s be real for a moment. Howard and Lewis aren’t exactly going to be setting the field on fire with their passing abilities. When you stop Deuce Vaughn you stop the K State offense.

Special teams really needs some work. It’s obvious Alex Hale as struggled to make anything over 40 yards this season. If you know he’s out of range and your on the opponents 32 yard line at 4th and 3 you might as well go for it. In the end you either turn it over on downs or give the ball back in the same spot via missed field goal.

Now that Joey has told us nothing I’m glad.
Hey jeoy u go and give those guys a pep talk, try and get them from doing bone head plays.
U know nothing about kickers. U dnt fix what he has. U let it pass or replace him.

Well Loyd I think you should go and give them a pep talk since you seem to be the most concerned about it. Try not to stutter while you do.

Gundy said to let him fix it in the post-game interview. Compared it to trying to correct a slice in golf.

Don’t forget the flag on Presley’s great return.

I dnt miss any bone head plays. But that hurt too.

Well I seen alot of fixed unemployed kickers.
Kickers are a bred of ther own. U need to know the secret hand shake. All need 24 7 therapy.

Why can’t u think of ur own come backs.
Ur still that lil gurl from jr high that would say" no you are".

I just don’t understand what your infatuation with me is. It’s kind of scary to be quite honest. I’m not gay Loyd. Just thought I’d let you know. Every time I post something you feel the need to respond three times. If you don’t believe me I’ll post it here so you can see.

almost there…

qb was in the game…good decision making
use of rb in the passing game…other than screen plays…keeps those lb busy…excellent

special teams. Unacceptable…you dont like using starters…but sometimes.
kicking game. Unacceptable…must have a 40 yard foot and ice in their veins

Thats funny I have taught u well.
But on tge serious side. I dnt like ur stupidity and disrespect of players.

Like how? What did I say that was so terrible?