Notebook: Pokes Defense Shows Up vs. ISU, Offense Shows Flashes But Stalls Late

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Unloading the notebook after the Cowboys’ controversial loss.

“But stalls late” who could’ve seen that coming? They’ve done it every game this season. 3 points in 7 third quarters? Pathetic.

So ur the same as are 3rd quarters.

If anyone is questioning Gundys conservative play calling and/or the decision to kick the FG instead of go for it……then you haven’t watched OSU all year. This has been the M.O. for this bunch. Run it & play defense. It got the Cowboys a W last week in Austin & almost did in Ames. I’ve said that it couldn’t last all year & today was the day that the game plan didn’t result in a W.

That was a well played game. Two good defenses. Now someone has to beat OU, which after today……doesn’t look real tough

I like how u guys talk about the last play.
A play that could have been a first down.
A play that wasn’t up the middle run.
But maybe the flag didn’t help earlier.

Plenty of questionable decisions all game. 56 yard FG with an unproved new kicker? lol. Gundy does that on 4 and 1 but won’t go for 4 and 1 from the 10 yard line. Poor decision making all game.

Let’s put reality into this.
Last year we beat them by the same score. At stillwater.
These two teams are basically the same from last year.
Isu picked by seven. But won by the same score we did.
Joey is running around saying we ran it up the middle 32 times. By the stats I’ve seen we only ran 31 times.
Before the game I talked about the te and we need the kicker.
We still had 7 flags that hurts.
It gets down to we are offensively challenged.
But playing a good team is nothing to start crying like u just lost ur pushy.
Dnt be a Joey. He crys to cry. Says the same thing over and over, if it fits or not.
We were picked at best to be 5 and 2 some had us 3 and 4.