Notebook: Presley Does It All, Big Man Conversations, From the Yard to BPS

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“They’re like, ‘Oh, dude, you’re hard to move,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, man.’”

My standard disclaimer: I know nothing about nothing.

However, it annoys me how seldom we are able to return a punt. Through 5 games, we have 2 punt returns totaling 13 yards.

We know Brennan Presley is a weapon. Can’t we devise a return scheme that would allow him 6-8 yards of cushion upon catching the ball – and let’s stop fair-catching 99% of the time!

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Most games I watch I don’t see a lot of punt returns … it has become that most teams punt high and a lot of hang time so the gunners can get there for no return. Sure I would like to see Presley in the open. He better be in great shape with all the motion they put him in :joy:

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