Notebook: Yormark Talks Weeknight Games, AT&T Stadium and Rivals at Big 12 Media Days

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There are pros and cons to playing on weeknights.

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The other obvious concern with weeknight games, unless there’s a bye before, more chance for injury. If you’ve just played Saturday and have a game on Thursday, not really enough time for some players who get dinged plus the taxing on the legs, that’s a short time frame for recovery. And thus more chances IMO for injuries. I’d like to see some stats on that for NFL players, I bet it’s higher than for those playing a “normal schedule”.

Weeknight games suck. You won’t see Alabama or Georgia or Ohio State playing them, for good reason. With conference realignment, loss of rivalries, NIL, transfer portal, they’ve already taken out the things that make college sports so great. Now you want to do Thursday and Friday night football games? Might as well get rid of the bands, cheerleaders, mascots, and tailgating, too.