Notes and Thoughts on Oklahoma State and the College Football Playoffs

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On the Tigers and the Tigahs and what it means for OSU.

You nailed it. Good piece.

The transfer portal should be a good equalizer for OSU. Since we have to reach for many of our recruits, it should be a good way for us to reclaim scholarships for kids that don’t develop like we thought, and add higher ranked kids that we couldn’t quite close on. That is nothing new for us, back to Adarius Bowman, Tyler Patmon, the safety from Auburn, etc. I just hope Gundy isn’t jaded against it due to culture, etc. Looks like we got a really good Dlineman from the portal in Clay, which is IMO the biggest difference between the top teams and everyone else. LSU is a perfect storm this year with having an elite QB along with top notch recruiting, so they would have won regardless. But the reason ou got curb stomped was the LSU Dline dominance.

I’m not looking for Gundy to win the CFP. How about just make the Big 12 title game?

But as for your story, the difference between Clemson and OSU is that when OSU started winning, we didn’t capitalize on the success via recruiting like Clemson did. Finishing #3 in the country in 2011 should have resulted in a better class than #32. We talk about all these 10 win seasons under Gundy (he’s had 6 since 2010) yet per rivals, he’s not managed a single top 25 recruiting class.

Look, I understand the counter-argument about Gundy. Replacing him could be like A&M replacing RC Slocum. They were never the same nor as good as they had been even though they actually recruited better. That’s the very plausible risk. But its not unfair to say that OSU football is stagnating and its frustrating when you don’t see anything being done to try to change that.

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Awesome article. Always enjoy your writing. This is exactly a true smart fan should feel. OSU fans and alumni need to step it up. We know Mike Holder either has a short term memory loss or just is too much in Gundy loving spirit to make any changes

Ok, that quote never says that he’s not going for top talent. It says he’s not sacrificing program fit for top talent, but that if the talent is a good fit for the program then he’s going for it. You’re almost seemingly operating under the assumption that if they’re a top talent they have to be a troubled kid, but Gundy isn’t. Please let it go. It has now been 4 years of lacking reading comprehension.

I don’t care who he goes after or who he gets. (Half of the 4stars never play a down here anyway)
I do care about results in the conference and after 15 years I’m not impressed.