Notes on Monken, Dunn, Gundy, OC Situation in Stillwater

I was off on Friday, trying to have a phone-free day with my family. I finally turned it on late in the afternoon and laughed at everything I’d missed in like 10 hours. Some updates on stuff I’ve been hearing.

• One source told me to hold off on printing the Monk | Dunn 2020 shirts. I do wonder how much timing is an issue here. As Bill Haisten pointed out, Monken is technically still employed by Cleveland.

• Also: I know the Monk2Stillwater thing gives everybody the warm fuzzies, but I do wonder how feasible it is. Two questions here. 1. What do you do with Dunn if you somehow land Monken as the OC? And 2. How common is it for somebody to go from an OC in the NFL (who interviewed for head jobs last year) to an OC (or co-OC!) in college?

• Somebody who frequents this board and has traditionally had good info said he was hearing passing game coordinator for Dunn. This … makes sense, I think, if you think you can score Monken. If not – and you’re just going to go to Harvard or wherever for your next OC – then it feels like you’re just trying to buy more time with Dunn until he leaves.

• Worth noting that I reached out to Dunn today but got nothing, and I expected nothing.

• On Gundy’s rolled over contract not being announced on Friday (OSU has seven days from the end of the year to decide on whether to roll it over). We were told this was no big deal. Even though OSU did announce the rollover last year, there’s nothing to read into. Insinuation: It’s happened (or will happen). Five more years for the mullet.

• From a former player on Monken becoming OC: “Would be massive.” Said Monken and Dana “didn’t have any fear, especially about OU.” Even more interestingly, he said those two were able to keep Gundy out of the offensive room and could run whatever they wanted to run. That was good for the offense but also good for special teams, because Gundy could focus more there. Also said he’s a terrific playcaller (obviously).


I’m pinning my hopes on Monken’s Canadian flag tweet meaning something.

The mullet does not deserve a rollover, but that’s the norm in CFB. But, I’d love to see him not get it. He needs to earn it

Last point is really interesting. I wonder how the dynamic would be if Dunn is the #1 guy in the offensive room.

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I imagine Dunn would view it as a year of training to be full time OC in ‘21. Monken is a one year rental. He’d land a big time college job or back to the nfl.

The longer we go without an oc announcement the better. Just means we’re waiting to see what monken is doing.


I agree and I think Dunn deserves a shot, he has paid his dues in my opinion, even if Monken doesn’t work out.


Won’t be Dunn. Monken doesn’t want to leave the NFL and if he HAD to it wouldn’t be to be OC most likely.

Also, another interesting thing from the last point… is special teams performance a barometer for how much control Gundy has over the OC?


There is a fly in the ointment, the lion will speak .

Hubbard breaks his silence! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::scream:


so if it’s not Dunn, and not Monken… where are we looking for an OC since we booted ours.

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Chuba just tell us already!

Idk for sure. I think the E Michigan OC would be interesting. There’s also some familiarity with him because he was one of Gunnars offers and recruiters.

We need answers!

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We need the Truth !

I think there’s a 51% chance it’ll be Monk

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So if Dunn is not going to be OC, what was the incentive to get him to stay? The 5-year contract? HCIW? Co-OC?

Passing game coordinator. Could be a HCIW. I haven’t heard for certain yet. I do think if the right offer comes tho, he will walk. UNLV just couldn’t pay enough to be honest.

So are you of the opinion that the Monken return isn’t going to happen?


spittle flies everywhere

But you can’t see it unless the back lighting is adequate.

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