O Line Depth Issues

Gundy took some scholarship slots from the offense and gave them to the defense a number of years ago. We haven’t been able to have any sense of consistency on the O Line since then. I feel that he should take one of those scholarships back from the defense to give it to the o Line, at least for a couple years, to give the depth a chance to catch up.

Gundy spoke about this during last season. He didn’t take away any of the 3 scholarships from the OL. It was all skill positions. OL depth has taken a hit for various other reasons, most notably kicking 2 guys on the 2 deep off the team in August 2020 and losing another to medical retirement. Sounds like we might get another medical retirement this off-season too.

I don’t understand how we can’t be at least serviceable on the o line . We are in big boy country, program is humming along and it’s clean . I get there is only so many to go around and relationships take years to mature and get someone on campus . Did the o lineman that got dismissed for the corona debacle really set us back like 4 years or more ? 2 to recruit them, one to red shirt, one to rotate, one to backup one to start ? I was not a math major .

The starting OL mauled people last year towards the end of the year. They straight up whipped people. This year’s OL will be about the same as long as one of Webber and Etienne pan out. The problem is depth. Last year, Godlevske goes down and Sills gets hobbled and we really lost a ton. We won’t be that good if injuries strike this year. Losing those guys in 2020, losing the transfers this year, plus the additional medical retiree we’re going to get this off-season has indeed set the depth back 4 years.

I guess I was being a bit of a chicken little . We did have some good play, pancaked guys here and there even .

You still in Alabama ? My parents are in Madison .

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Actually moved back to Oklahoma last May. Just never got around to changing the username. We actually didn’t spend a whole lot of time exploring the northern part of the state. My wife was in her PhD program in Tuscaloosa and I did lots of traveling for the University in the middle and southern parts of the state. We heard great things about Huntsville and the surrounding area though.

Well we got a couple of big answers yesterday

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Dickey rounding out a hat trick now?

There it is .