Oak Hill Academy Guard Jalen Ricks Includes Oklahoma State in Top 8

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Boynton offered Ricks back in 2018.

Yes we only have 2 open spots. That said we will need to dump Dee off of scholly next year because of the sanctions. Get 1 guard 1 big. Unfortunately due to sanctions, Dee Mitchell will have to lose his scholly next year.

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I would guess from that list of 8 schools the only real competition would be Arkansas. The kid is from Arkansas and Arkansas was good this season so that does not look good for OSU. I live in Baltimore so I can state with confidence that Towson U. is not going to be on anyone’s short list and I am surprised that Towson is on anyone’s long list. If the kid is real religious or into buildings that look like UFO’s, he might like Oral Roberts. Surely Boynton can find better talent than this kid.

Signing period starts next week. The ncaa has done nothing, so the ban will not cover 2021 scholarship.
We will find out more with signing day. Yes they can go to August but June will be a big time too.

We have 4 open scholarships. There is no lost of scholarship. Williams scholarship is available even if he stays. Dee’s scholarship will not carry over to next year. Boynton will only give him a scholarship like he has in the past if he doesn’t fill the open spot with a recruit.