Ode to Malcolm Rodriguez

Don’t know if anyone watched the post-game on ABC, but I think it was Mark Rodgers who said Rodriguez is a guy the NFL would overlook and then he’d end up having a 6 or 7 year career and then he was compared to Zach Thomas. I think that’s a really good comp. Undersized guy that played with intelligence and grit. I could see him being in that mold or like a Dat Nguyen. Hope he gets a fair shot.


Yes! He absolutely deserves a shot if not an outright 3rd round(?) selection.

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Does he remind you of any former Ok State Cowboys? I’d probably compare him to Terrence Robinson.

Like, an upgraded Caleb Lavey.

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Kid is football savvy and plays his heart out. He’s undersized some but I think he gets a chance somewhere. If we make the playoffs I think he shines