Offensive Line Transfer Bryce Bray Says he's Headed to Tulsa

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Bryce Bray is headed to his hometown school.

If this isn’t a big middle finger to the team and campus then I don’t know what is.

He violated team rules

Pistols firing should do a story on that

It’s also the reason OSU will stay middle of the pack in the Big 12 while Gundy is still there. When you consistently look for ways to get rid of you’re best talent it will inevitably make it more difficult to win a conference title let alone beat OU. Most fans are tired of going to the Texas bowl or Liberty bowl when they see the potential the OSU football program has going to a complete waste.

So if rumors of the covid party are true, you’ll still side with this kid?

Just rumors. I don’t base my support or decisions on rumors.

Well there’s your excuse! We can blame it on the offensive line this year then next year we won’t have that number 1 receiver or number 1 running back.

I think some people are going to be a little disappointed when Chuba isn’t averaging the same amount of yardage he did last season (See the OL for reference).

I think there is a possibility with Bray and others leaving that it’s more than just a violation of team rules. I think the political stench that invaded the OSU football program may have played a part as well.

You can’t have team or unit cohesion with members that disagree with each other, and stay consistently upset with each other. That is a recipe for disaster. There is probably more going on than a violation of team rules.

I would love to know what is going on behind the scenes. Maybe we can get Kyle and Kyle to get some insider access. That is if they haven’t had a lifetime ban placed on them for access.

R u a ou fan win at all cost. All school lose players its a part of cf. Some r cry babies (boomer) can’t follow rules past classes. If u want those loser go to tu

I’m not an OU fan. I’m just a realist when it comes to the OSU football program. Everyone wants another win against OU and a conference title.

That’s great and that’s what the players and coaches should work towards. I also realize that’s going to be difficult to do when you have a program that doesn’t necessarily have the luxury (like OU) to replace a 4 star with another 4 star.

I guess it depends how bad you want to win a conference title or make the CFP. All I’m saying is expect to stay within that 6-8 wins a season if OSU stays at this trajectory and keeps the Mike Gundy School of Thought around. I miss Les Miles.

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Miles ur kidding me Simmons left us with players miles didn’t recruit. He won with some else players at LSU’s. Led that school the wrong way. U want less go to law. I’m sure even with restricted seating they’ll have seats. Ku will be looking in 3 yrs. We would not have had 16 pts with less. Ur not a cow are u green pasture. Being a small college town and norman 40 miles away no one(legally) will bring in the players u want. U all may have issue with Gundy but u definitely aren’t in the real world of college football. It’s going to be a long season with the ol issues I hope I don’t have to read poor judgement post

You’re correct. The real world would expect Gundy to bring in NFL players he’s played with and coached to entice some of these better recruits to come to OSU. We all know that with Gundy’s egotistical attitude (Because he thinks he’s a better coach and recruiter than he actually is) that this will never happen.