Offensive Lineman Josh Sills Returning for OSU in 2021

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Massive news for the OSU offensive line.

I’m glad he is still staying. He has been a horse for us.

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That’s a good 11 to start the last two class should make more.

Big time win!

Cowboy football just received a great gift with that surprise announcement from Sills. Great loyalty and wise move for his future pro career. He seems to be putting his love for college football ahead of his NFL plans. I admire playing for the heart rather than for the gold.

Am I the only one who wasn’t super impressed with his on-field performances? I get that he’s a leader, and that’s a great quality to have back. But I can’t remember how many times I saw him easily get beat around the edge, including in the bowl game. You could see that Spencer Sanders blindside fumble coming as if it were happening in slow-motion.
I’m just saying I didn’t exactly come away from the season thinking he was going to have a stellar career in the NFL.

That was because he was a Guard forced to fill in at Tackle. I agree with you that he’s not super agile, but he’s a good Guard. We just need the Tackles to stay healthy so he can be a Guard.

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That’s rite glen he is a guard. So next yr he will use his strength being a guard and a leader

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