Official: Oklahoma State Announces Transfer Additions

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The Cowboys have a solid group of transfers on the way.

I’ve gotta say, we made a really nice haul through the portal. Most of those guys should be able to come in and make an immediate impact for us. Go Pokes!!


What none of our usual trolls yet? I mean, these seven transfers have been committed a couple of hours and they haven’t won a championship? How good can they be?

Go Pokes!


We probably have improved ourselves in many positions with this group.


We lost 13 to the portal last season and only picked up 3. I believe we lost 13 or 14 to the portal this season and have replaced 7. Meaning we’re still possibly a few more behind, and it’s likely we’ve replaced some of our guys with incoming players that may prove not to be as good (that still remains to be seen). It’s neither a negative or positive to this point. I don’t have a problem with grabbing some talented G5 players, and in fact I mentioned a couple of months ago that’s the route we should take if we’re not getting transfers from other high caliber P5 schools.

I think what people are more pissed about is the lack of depth was very telling after just watching a couple of guys go down, and also that the offensive line seems to continue it’s tradition of suckage no matter who seems to be playing on the line. Not to mention that Kasey Dunn still acts like a first year coordinator. It’s a combination of things. I’m also not sure what shape these new guys will be in or what kind of development they had at their previous schools. They haven’t even touched the Glass factory and the weekly competition is more likely to be tougher than what they’re used to.

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Bill, your analysis is the kind of thinking that improves this forum. I wish we had more.

My post (in case it was too satirical) was aimed at the 3 or 4 obvious trolls here who repeat themselves endlessly with zero analysis and simply repeat juvenile comments.


Two things your on about that i would like to know how you basr your opinion on.

How many line man should we have to be called depth.

You never explain why the shift in dunn’s play calling from the first 7 games of 45 per game to the last 5 at 13 per game

It’s not about the quantity of lineman, but the quality. That’s the difference. If I have eight lineman I can interchange in between and I’ve seen no kind of development or improvement then it has to lead me to more additional questions.

  1. Is it our scheme based on the type of lineman or running backs we have?

  2. Is it player development and basic fundamentals not being applied?

  3. Is it piss poor coaching and recruiting by Dickey?

I don’t expect the backup to be as good as the starter but I also don’t expect the backup to look bad compared to the starter.

I’ve already explained the Dunn situation a million times. The problem is you aren’t willing to accept my answer. As soon as Sanders went down or played hurt done couldn’t hardly do chit. He’s predicating his entire game plan and strategy literally around one player. We also were one dimensional because of our inability to establish a decent running game. So what happens when that ability is taken from you? You average 13 ppg. Having one guy literally be your entire offense (in rushing as well) is not a bulletproof and sustainable plan throughout the season.

Isn’t it strange that Monken could have the third best offense in the country with three different quarterbacks and Dunn doesn’t seem to know what to do when QB1 is out? We seem to have all these embarrassment of riches at receiver while in 2012 our best receiver was Josh Stewart. How can Dunn not figure out how to get the ball to those guys without Sanders? It’s also evident he doesn’t know how to adjust his offense either when the opposing defense makes adjustments. I’m also not sold on his points per game, but what he does in certain situations during the game also. There have been times he’s called many head scratchers. I don’t expect him to be perfect but it seems like when the pressure is placed on him he fails.

I’ll give the guy credit for the points per game, but he’s not shown me he can adjust when needed or figure out how to get his receivers the ball unless his QB1 can stay on the field the entire time. If it’s worth noting I’ll add that we scored a measly 16 points against the worst defense in the Big 12 and one of those scores was a garbage touchdown.

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Lol your allways on the works to prove gundy bad.

Lookabaugh was a nice coach. 11 years
3 titles thats great. He play 4 conference games during those 3 title years. Lol. 3rd most winningest coach. Did only manage 5 wins a year average. 3 losing season. Had a great record with uo 2- 9-1 even better with tulsa 4-6-1. Third best team in Oklahoma. 59 % winning %

What about pappy
Never lost to ou or tulsa. Still only the 2nd best team in the state going 2-3 against ocu.
Did win 3 titles in 5 years.

What about jj and les

Gundy still has to coach them up. There in lies the problem.

@robert28 So it appears that @bill18 answer to your question can be summarized as 1. Spencer Sanders got injured and 2. Coach Dunn failed to adapt to that situation. A plausible theory IMO.

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Before i forget i need to telling this your an idiot. Lol that was a joke like i would forget your an idoit.

Depth would be the quantity of QUALITY players. If not you would list the 20 some lineman we started the year with.
Basically we had 12. Start of spring. A big question on the freshman. He is 1 of 8 on the 2 deep now.
We lost cole and casey before the first game. Webber left after the 4. After the 7th game there were 1 or 2 out each game. The other were getting ready to go out.
Same with recievers alot out.

Losing 4 known players and bring in 3 guys we didnt know cost us.

So your idea that the play calling was only to do with sanders injury was wrong. We had 4 or 5 guys out each game. Each of the new guys had different levels of knowledge and abilities.
He is an example. Would you do a alleyoop to a guy that can jump 9 ft high. @bruce4 i saw you need help to.
Actually dunn has had a lot of adapting to do in the last 3 years. Still have to have players making plays

Your do make sense in your simple take of the sport. Its just wrong. Thats why they have short bus for simpletons like you. So you dnt get lost.

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Thank you for making my point.

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I don’t think the guy that can’t spell or use proper grammar should be calling anyone an idiot. Just seems like an oxymoron. Sorry!!! To each their own I guess :man_shrugging:. If you don’t mind going 7-5 then that’s cool. I, on the other hand, think we could be better.

Looks like you should be holding the flag for better recruiting then if you feel that way.

The fact that Monken could adapt and Dunn couldn’t isn’t real difficult to figure out.

You hit the nail on the head. You need to have the players that can make plays and we lack those players. We do not have a stud RB or group of great receivers. We lack big play playmakers.

I dont buy the crap that it is the coaches. We did not almost win the league championship in 2021 due to bad coaching.

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Billy my not carry about editing my post to you is at best laziness. Your a complete idiot when it comes to football.

Lets find out something first are you a big fan of the oline coach monkey had. If so there you go. Monkey had a better oline. Point made.

Lets come compare dunn and monkey, and what each coach had to deal with.
Monkey had the best group of players on offense osu has every seen. Position to the man were among the top at osu. That line had like to all Americans. They allowed 6 sacks on the least mobile qb to every play. Do yo recall any unit having major injuries. The defense was not as great but it made plays that counted. The defense had 2 more turnovers a GAME more then 2021. Both won the league with a lose to isu in ames. 2011 didnt have to play a title game. Both won fiesta bowl.

2012 and 2022 both finish 7 and 5. Still the talent on the 12 team was higher and didnt have at least 5 guys out each game. Buy the end of the season the lunt experiment was over. Both clint and walsh behind a good intact oline was less to ADAPT to. Plus by stats the 12 defense was better.

Yes monkey had to adapt to which qb to play. But play calling wasnt that different from each qb. Dunn had issues up and down the whole offense.

Monkey had more talent with way less injuries. I do see where your problem is you think that the qb is the only player that counts. And lets not for get Randell. There is a whole picture to look at not a snap shot.

Don’t know why you are bringing Monken into this. I thought the discussion was about Dunn.

We certainly didn’t win the league last season due to inept offensive coaching in the red zone.