Official Oklahoma State-Texas Thread

Big, big game. Love getting Texas out of the way early.

This is one of the biggest games of the Gundy era, no hyperbole. You go into Austin on Saturday and grab a win and you’re suddenly staring at these four very winnable games (KSU, @TTU who got shut down by a bad Arizona team, Baylor, and @Iowa State who has been quite underwhelming). A win in Austin is not unrealistic, and if they do get a win, an 8-0 start is suddenly a very real possibility.

I know I’m putting the cart before the horse with a freshman quarterback, but this feels like a huge opportunity for Spencer Sanders, and is one that I think he shows up for. Much like when Rudolph rolled out there against Baylor to begin his career, I think Sanders is going to show up and seize the moment. I think he’s that kind of player.

I’m feeling good about this one.


I’d put our chances at around 50/50. We play well against good teams. I think the offense should be able to have a good game. UT has bad RB depth which hopefully slows their running game down as I think our D is vulnerable in the middle. I think Harper will be back at LB this week which should help. I’m excited for the game. Nothing to lose, a lot to gain.

Coincidentally, I think K-State is a lot better than I thought preseason. Not that Miss State is a juggernaut, but they’ll be a tough out especially if we win and are riding high.

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See UT injury report. That makes this interesting

Eye. Ball. Emojis.


That’s a huge deal for many reasons. Get Tylan matched up on an inexperienced corner and we may be able to hang 50 on these guys. Their D-Line is suspect, too. Let Chuba eat and bombs away to Tylan…


Saw Collin Johnson was questionable too

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Line has gone from +6.5 to +5.0 in less than a day. Sharp money on the Pokes. Will be interesting to see where the line ends.

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I’m most worried about our D getting off the field on 3rd downs. Haven’t seen much of Texas, but I know they’re salty enough on Offense.


If we win this weekend I’m calling Austin “Stillwater South” from now on

You have me feeling things.


Now, it would be the most Oklahoma State thing ever to go win against Texas this weekend and get beat by Kansas State at home the following weekend. But still… just go win this weekend and it’s all right there in front of you.

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I think the 3-3-5 that we’ve shown in some instances is really going to pay off well against a team like Texas, who kind of has to air it out because their RB depth is so poor and they have to keep their QB healthy. Take away the pass and you’re doing to them what they’ve done to us the last few years… although it didn’t really work out for them in the final score department… but still.

8-0 is a stretch. We’ll do something dumb, screw around, and lose to k-state

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If we win at Texas, think about this: we will have played 3 of our first 4 games on the road. True, Tulsa felt like a home game, but it was a ROAD game.

Five of our last 8 games are at home.


The line moved to OSU +5, just wait if you didn’t hit the +6.5, it’s going to creep back up. Tons of money will flow into Texas. They’re the bigger brand ranked super high.

But when tons money comes in on Texas, if the line stays at +5 hammer hammer hammer OSU. Vegas is holding it at +5 for a reason.

O/U at 74. That’s a very easy win.

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Wow! How do you figure ?

Wow…how do you figure?

Our defense is terrible.
Texas defense is terrible.

Ok state offense is very good.
Texas offense is pretty good.

Oh yeah that sucker is going over.

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Hopefully it’s 2015 with better ending though.