Oklahoma Defense

Well, it sure looks like early on anyway that Oklahoma has a ■■■■ good defense. Gulp for everyone in the XII. I guess that is what happens when you spend 1.5 million on a DC.

I feel like a separate thread for this was unnecessary. OU threads on an OSU message board… Do not like.


Only time OU needs to be mentioned is when it is Bedlam week. And then only sparingly.


It’s ok to study what your enemy is doing. We need to get over that hangup.

Yeah collectively the PFB message board observing that OU plays defense is going to help our team win games.


I mean, let’s be real. Bedlam is going to end with us getting the equivalent of Joe Pesci at the end of Goodfellas (or Casino, if you prefer). No use in sweating about it right now.

Texas vs LSU: 530 offense yards, 409 passing yards, allowed 5 sacks

Texas vs Oklahoma: 310 offense yards, 210 yards, allowed 9 sacks

Please ban OU threads.

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