Oklahoma State 2019 Grades: Special Teams Unit Was Good, Not Great

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Ammendola’s place in history and a stat from Tom Hutton that might surprise you.

Did not realize Hutton was a true freshman. I don’t know about this guy. It wasn’t just a horrible performance at the Texas Bowl. There were multiple games (and multiple times in a game!!) where he would kick the ball out of bounds. He KEPT giving teams good field position. The fact that we are going to have him for 3 more years makes me worried. I’m with you, I really hope he gets a coach that will help him develop if he’s our only option at punter.


Definitely agree we need a full time special teams coach. I think given time, Hutton can develop into a great punter (I also did not know he was a freshman which explains a lot). With a year under his belt he will have a much better season next year.

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Not a single reference to the missing return game here. Special teams is more than just kickers and punters guys.

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We need greatness in all positions if we are ever going to be a great team. We should have no use for mediocre to bad performances. The Aussie needs to be given a ticket for back home. Get a real special teams coach who will also be able to recruit. There are so many kicker and punters in high school, it should be a pretty easy thing to recruit. Little Hillsdale College in Michigan had that kicker back in the 1970’s I think it was who set a record by kicking a 63 yd field goal. Sinor did not have such a good senior year because he was coming off an injury. I think he had surgery for a hernia.

Hutton stunk it up, too inconsistent. From what I’ve seen his main problem is his drop. He often drops the ball (like they do in Aussie Rules) point end down like a lot of punters do when they want to get more lift and thus a higher elevation so punts can be downed. You obviously don’t want that when you’re deep on your half of the field. An Oz Rules ball is more rounded at the ends that our football. If he would just drop it so it’s near parallel to the ground he’d probably hit 45~50 yarders most of the time.

As far as Ammendola, he was a very good kicker for us overall. Those clowns who clowned him when he was having some struggles should be ashamed of themselves, but I’m sure many of those same types blame him for the A&M loss when Gundy being Gumby went for a FG at the end of the first half instead of a first down which should’ve been a gimme.

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We don’t really set up punt returns. Stoner most of the time has no chance for a decent return but he’s really there cause we had fumble issues before with McCleskey fumbling the rock too often. Stoner has good speed but it takes him a while to get up to it. Presley should definitely get a look next season.

Someone should look at McClure for punting. He’s on the depth chart as 2nd for punting. Last year he was able to punt twice, with approx 60 yards average with an unbelievable hang time. I’ve been watching him since high school and following him on the Kohl’s Kicking Circuit. He was trained in Nashville.