Oklahoma State 2021 Spring Football Preview: Offensive Line

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There’s a silver lining to OSU’s tough 2020 in the trenches.

Alot of if’s. But its pretty clear the line will be better.
We may only lose 2 next year.

My projection is they have as much chance making it to the conference championship as Kansas has finishing in the top 3 in the conference.


My projection, ur going to cry everyday

Said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more, teams will always go as the O-line goes. Better O line play would do wonders for the team’s chances, but they’ve been pathetic in pass blocking for years now. It’s not any secret that OU has the leagues best O line every single season, and they win conference titles every single season. Teams like Bama, tOSU, Clemson, always have stacked O lines. This may be an over-exaggeration, but I honestly believe that poor play calls with great blocking will be more effective than good play calls with bad blocking 99% of the time. Which makes the 2015 team so mysterious, that might have been their worst O line of all time and they started that year 10-0 somehow.

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Geez I don’t know man. That 2014 line was still pretty bad. I think having a guy like Tyreek Hill most of the season kind of helped mask those deficiencies.

I like Dickey’s summary for OL success. We must be tougher, physical, disciplined and give great effort. I think we might have the group to do this.

Well that’s true. I just remember in 2015 they couldn’t gain a yard to save their freaking lives. I mean they had Chris Carson, arguably the most successful Pro back out of Stillwater Since Barry and he couldn’t get past the line of scrimmage. It was so tough to watch.

I noticed a whole bunch of times last year where Sanders and the backs didn’t read blitzes well. We kept snapping the ball exactly as a LB or DB was hitting the line of scrimmage at a full sprint over and over again. Hard for a OL to move over fast enough to catch a skill player when that player is already in a dead sprint when the ball is snapped.

In 2015 our schedule had the best teams at the end of the season. UT had 7 losses and didnt make a bowl. KSU had just 6 wins and lost their bowl.WVU had 5 losses. TTech 5 losses and got blown out in a bowl. ISU had 9 losses, no bowl.

We played 3 good teams (including the bowl) at the end of the season who could play some D and lost all 3 by a combined score of 151-78. O Line short comings were glaring when we played good teams.