Oklahoma State 2021 Spring Football Preview: Quarterbacks

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On Sanders’ jump and the heir apparent.

Soon we will see if Sanders and Shane r coming along.

Sanders is like Westbrook. Illingworth is like Nick Collison. Sanders will have some wow moments, but his motor runs so high constantly that he makes tons of mistakes. He’ll win you a bunch of games, and lose you some games. Then Shane is the boring fundamentalist, won’t force as many throws but isn’t a big enough threat at this point to dominate a game. Still think Sanders is the better option right now, they just have to find a way to calm him down and not do so much. You could see in the first half of the Miami game when the playbook was opened for
Multiple options Sanders completely obliterated the Canes, and then after half they went into their little shell they always go into trying to sit on the ball and he started struggling. Neither one of them will have consistent success until Dunn puts them in a position to be able to do so.

I think shane will be able to hit the bombs better.
Miami defense did put more pressure on in the 2nd half.
That game should give us a glimpse of what could happen next year that is are offense except a new center. And we will have more rb

Dunn may be calling the plays, but Gundy can and does overrule him. When you see the Pokes “sit on a lead”, that’s Gundyball.

From what I’ve seen Sanders hasn’t won us many games, we have to compensate for his turnovers with our better than usual defense. Illingsworth, a true freshman with no summer camp and like 3 practices under his belt came in and beat Tulsa, lit up Kansas, and then got benched because Sanders was healthy again, he proceeded to get us beat by Texas with his poor play, he played poor against OU and then got benched/hurt and they put Illingsworth in the game after he sat for 3 weeks and they were down by 20 and OU was just pinning their ears back blitzing every time. Sanders has failed to progress he makes same poor decisions and mistakes continuously. Illingsworth worth played well and provided a spark, the whole team played better when he was in the game. I just don’t understand the fixation on Sanders having to start. Illingsworth is a better fit for Gundy’s offense anyways. Just tired of this same old dog and pony show hopefully Sanders proves me wrong.

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U think it would be simple.

U still mumbling.

Sanders had 307 yards and 4 passing TDs on 71% completion percentage, 0 picks, and led the team in rushing yards with 45 yards in the last game he played. After going 18-19 for 220 yards and 3 touchdowns to start the game before Gundy decided to play scared ball the rest of the way like he loves to do. Because he can do that is why he’s still favored as the starter. Compared to Shane’s last game, where he threw 14 straight incompletions. Shane’s very smart with his decisions for such a young player, but both have weaknesses and Spencer’s strengths compared to Shane’s put him in the lead.

Sanders hasn’t done anything, we’ve babied him from day one with playing calling, superstar receiver and running back around him plus a very nice defense.

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I guess I just haven’t seen that. I’ll give you Sanders played very well against Miami but Miami rested a lot of defensive players. I just haven’t seen that progression in Sanders that consistency. I’m not doubting his talent, he’s one of the most talented players in college football. But at some point that talent has to equal results and in my opinion he keeps doing the same silly things and not getting good results.

Very short leash on him to start like a choke chain!

Yeah, I agree with that. I used the Westbrook analogy with Sanders, I feel like we won’t ever get anything different. His motor just runs so high nonstop that it leads to mistakes. Westbrook has never changed, and has lost a bunch of games because of it, but has also won a bunch of games because of it. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see Sanders change. The big question would be, if Shane’s best can’t beat Sanders’ best, can he be consistent and methodical enough to warrant a starting position over Sanders? That’s the only way to defend putting him in over Sanders. Not sure how much he will progress from now until august.

Sanders is by far the better option! I like Illingsworth
but the big guy is so ■■■■ slow and like a stone statue void of athletic ability if he has to maneuver in the pocket or, God forbid, if he has to take off and run. He is strong armed QB with good accuracy and a nice delivery with good leadership skills as the players really like him. You have to give Sanders props for his outstanding play in the Bowl game and glimpses of what is to come. This will be his First Spring of normalization and he is doing well.
I know Mike would love to see his son in there at some point after Sanders illegibility expires and the past and present QB recruitment makes me pause with this in mind

My 2 cents: on the QB battle…which one is more likely to lead us to a Big 12.championship? Period. That’s the only question I want answered. Not which one leads us to 6 or more wins to be bowl-eligible. Not which one can throw for more yards or run for more yards. Not which one can run the offense better. Not which one teammates and coaches trust more…none of that. The only thing I care about is this: Can you lead us to a Big 12 championship in 2021-22?! That’s it. Cause another conference championship is long F—KING OVERDUE!!!


U didnt say who. U got to put one in first before it can happen.

You haven’t said which one will win a conference title. You go on the record so we can all make fun of your choice.

I have no problem going out on a limb and saying osu.
Its not the craziest thing I’ve done on here( that would be talking to u and joe).
Go ahead and make fun of osu u do it every day ur on here.

Which quarterback? Isn’t that what you were trying to get travis5 to do, is say which quarterback?

I would think Sanders is the starter. If he plays all 15 games this season I wouldn’t know.