Oklahoma State 2021 Spring Football Preview: Secondary

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OSU’s defense has all the tools to continue on its upward trajectory.

For me, this will be the group that will determine how good the D will be. When we had Rodarius Williams, we could leave him on an island, which allowed for a lot of flexibility in coverage/schemes. It’ll be interesting to see how they replace him.

Corners will determine if this defense is just decent or really good defense. How come Thomas Harper not listed either room? He is in the article mention but not in room. Just minor oversight??

Knowles has done a solid job of improving the performance on the field by getting production out of his early recruiting classes. He has built depth and has time to develop young talent for the future. Getting both starting safeties to return is a luxury I could get used to quickly.

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Just oversight.

I think Cb will be an interesting take, but we gotta put more pressure on qb. Here’s hoping Ford is 100%

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Agreed on your assessment of Knowles. Really like that we have so much depth at multiple position groups.

Yeah, scared me there for a minute. Then they mentioned him as a safety. They’re trying to confuse us;-) Wish we had a little more proven depth at corner, but if we stay healthy we’ll be in good shape.