Oklahoma State Announces Home-and-Home with Alabama

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The Pokes are 1-0 against Alabama all-time.

That’s a headline I didn’t expect to see this morning!

I like the idea of going against a good team pre-conference. But going against the perennial top dog in college football? I think someone in the athletic department may have been feeling a bit grandiose that day. Arizona State U. is a more down to earth choice, and glad to see a former Big 12 opponent on the schedule now. Let’s hope Nebraska improves enough by the time we play them.

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Well this all should put to rest the schedule issue.

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This is really good news. This will give Gundy a goal/motivation to build up the talent to close the vast gap that is currently in place before the first game with Alabama. Perhaps will help with recruiting high quality perhaps from the class of 25 onwards.

For some reason I don’t think this was Gundy’s idea… :rofl:


Like every body says gundy 3rd child will be out of osu by then so he will be retired. And he will have drug this school into the gutter. It won’t matter who the next coach is Alabama will wipe the floor with us.

Chicken sh*t Gundy always running from competition. Amirite @ar1?

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Yeah… I’m not sure Gundy or Saban will be there by the time those games roll around. This could be a totally different landscape by then.


I think Gundy has already planned his retirement to be after gunner graduates.

Gundy would be 61 and Saban would be 76. I don’t think either will be coaching then. I get a sense that Gundy will retire before he’s 60.

Yeah. I don’t really expect Bama to fall off the map when Saban leaves, but it happens. USC was a powerhouse under Carroll and once he left, they evaporated. Schools with names like Texas, Tennessee, Michigan, and Nebraska can’t seem to find a footing, either. I’m optimistic that these are potentially winnable games depending on how the stars align. Who knows who we’ll have as HC by then. Knowles? Walsh? Dunn?

I think Zach Robinson could be a name to watch. He’s been learning under Sean Mcvay with the Rams. If Gundy does retire in the next 3-5 years the timing could be right.

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I wonder how angry Gundy is about this?

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I don’t know about you guys, but I want a guy that knows what it takes to win a conference title when Gundy leaves. Please bring in Brandon Weeden!!!

For u gurls whom think gundy is retiring after gunner most not know he has another son. So more then likely ur stuck with him for 6or7 more years.

It would be nice to see some OSU fans on the OSU blog.

Mike Gundy is the best long term thing to happen to OK State football. Ever.

The Alabama challenge is out there now. I think he will want to meet it. Game on!

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Oh yeah, they’re terrible. I’m not rooting for Gundy to retire, just as a matter of fact, I think he will. I would guess he’s not here in 10 years. He’s probably here while his son or sons are here, but when he goes, he ought to have a statue.

If he gets one before Barry Sanders, something’s wrong.

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Barry was awesome. GOAT. One season. One incredible season, yes.

Different achievement altogether to put together a consistently winning program. Pre Coach Gundy, successful coaches moved on and unsuccessful coaches stayed a few years until pushed out.

Coach has created a top ten culture.

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