Oklahoma State Baseball Adds Robin Ventura as Student Assistant

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/osu-baseball-adds-robin-ventura-as-student-assistant/

OSU lands quite the student assistant.

There must be some kind of magic going on at OSU first effecting the football team and now spreading to the baseball team with Robin Ventura and Marty Lees returning along with Matt Holliday. The baseball coaching staff alone should hopefully take recruiting to another level, not to mention the great new stadium. Quite a lot of wow factor. I remember watching Cowboy baseball in back of my dorm, W. Bennett Hall when it was just a baseball field, no stadium, and just a few sections of bench seating and very few fans showing up for the games. Chet Bryant was the coach back then and was not well liked. Everything has changed so much for the better. Now all we need is the return of Gary Ward in some capacity.

WOW!!! What a recruit could gain from this whole team! Flat our amazing assembly of coaches. Nice job Mr. Holliday!

This move is unbeatable (unless someone hires nolan Ryan, then this move gets its arse beat down).

But in all seriousness, wow! What a staff! Guaranteed top recruiting classes as long as this staff is in place.

I can’t wait to wander around that new stadium - looks to be freakin amazing; should already be deemed “The Pearl of the Prairies”